Cleaning in 2021 is more than just a necesscity, it’s pretty much trending now that cleaning accounts have gone viral and new products hit the shelves every week. With Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch leading the way, for many people, the world of cleaning products has truly been opened up.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good old ‘before and after’ of a home and for many jobs around the house, cloths are needed. Of course, nowadays there are more elements to consider than just whether the cloth does the job – what is it made of? Is it eco-friendly? How much does it cost? And how long will it last? Are perhaps just some of the questions that may come to mind when bagging a new batch of cloths. So, let’s take a look at the latest bamboo cloths, including a run-down of our top five picks.

Bamboo cleaning cloths
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What is a bamboo cleaning cloth?

Bamboo cleaning cloths are a more natural cleaning alternative to regular cloths.

The cloths are sometimes partially or entirely made from bamboo and have improved cleaning abilities due to the use of the natural fibres.

Comparing bamboo cleaning cloths to ‘regular’ ones, they have the added benefit of being more eco-friendly than cloths made from plastics such as polyester.

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What can bamboo cloths be used for?

In the same way that a microfiber cloth, for example, can have many purposes, bamboo cleaning cloths are the same.

Bamboo cleaning cloth uses can include wiping down hard surfaces, scrubbing kitchen tiles, general polishing and dusting and much more.

There are also ranges of bamboo cloths for facial cleansing on the market, however, our top five run-down solely takes a look at products for around the home.

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Our top 5 bamboo cleaning cloths

Brands EcoBravo and Reuseaboo look to be frontrunners in the bamboo cloth game.

A pack of 5 Reusable Bamboo Fibre Kitchen Cleaning Cloths from EcoBravo costs just under £19 online which is great value considering that the cloths are reusable.

Reusaboo offers a six-pack of Bamboo Dish Cloths for just £12.99 online.

Boasting 100% organic bamboo, Towelogy also joins the ranks with a pack of four Waffle Dish Cleaning Eco Cloths for £10.39.

For any Amazon fans, bamboo cloths can be purchased through the online superstore, too. A pack of three 7.pure Bamboo cleaning cloths cost just under £16.

Finally, from Nisbets, a pack of two Puracycle Biodegradable Bamboo Cleaning Cloths comes in at just £1.11, making them just 56p each.

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