Married At First Sight: How do Bao and Johnny know each other? Fans laud their chemistry

Married at First Sight is back in our lives as the show’s season 13 premiered on Wednesday, July 21 on Lifetime. While watching Episode 1, fans couldn’t help but be mesmerized by this season’s cast. However, the couple that caught the attention of many fans was Bao and Johnny.

The pair had already faced some road bumps in their relationship even before coming face to face. However, when they met fans couldn’t help but wonder how Bao and Johnny knew each other.

WARNING: This article contains Married At First Sight season 13 spoilers.

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Bao and Johnny’s backstory revealed

Both the cast members of the show were a bundle of nerves before coming face to face.

Bao almost considered calling off the wedding ceremony, but in the end, decided to go through with it.

However, the reality star instantly recognized her future husband upon meeting him. Many fans were baffled by this as the couples who marry on the show are supposed to be complete strangers.

After exchanging their beautiful vows, Bao and Johnny finally sat down together and answered the question that had been bugging every fan.

The pair revealed that they had met 10 years ago, back in college.

Both Bao and Johnny knew each other from the time they were the presidents of the Vietnamese Student Associations in their respective colleges. The pair seemed to have crossed paths at a president meeting. Hence, they were instantly able to recognize each other.

When the duo spoke, Johnny asked his new wife, if she was on any dating apps, and she admitted to being on a few. He then questions if she ever swiped left on him.

Bao answered, revealing that she might have come across his profile but never swiped left.

Fans react to the couple’s interaction

Many fans couldn’t help but admire the couple’s connection. Married at First Sight fans were swooned by the chemistry the two had.

A look inside Married at First Sight’s new season

Married at First Sight season 13 cast features five couples this season which the relationship experts have matched together.

The couples are Myrla and Gil, Brett and Ryan, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and everyone’s favourite Bao and Johnny, all preparing to tie the knot and embark on their married life.

As revealed in the earlier seasons of the show, the marriages are legally binding and the only way out is divorce. Pastor Cal from the show reveals that the experts use science as well insight from past seasons of the show to match five couples whom they deem fit for each other.

The upcoming episodes will feature the weddings and drama in these couples’ relationships.

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime
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