7 Best Home Bargains cleaning products explored, Minky to Fabulosa

Viral cleaning videos are some of the most satisfying on the internet. The web is full of weird and wonderful things, but there’s nothing quite like the ‘before and afters’ of peoples’ homes once they’ve done a spot of cleaning.

Whether cleaning is something that you really take pride in, use as a way to clear your head or literally loath doing, there are always new products to try out to get your home spick and span. So, let’s take a look at the best Home Bargains cleaning products in 2021…

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Fabulosa sprays

Coming in at just 79p, there’s no better way to kick off a list of best buys from Home Bargains than with an all-rounder like the Fabulosa sprays.

Along the same lines as the trusty Zoflora disinfectants, the Fabulosa range is just as versatile and simple to use. The disinfectants come in concentrated form but they also come in handy ready-to-use spray bottles, too.

The bottles can be refilled with your favourite Fabulosa scent or they can be repurposed for other uses. Use the disinfectant on a variety of surfaces including kitchen sides, cupboard doors, door handles, toilet seats, window frames and much more.

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Fake Minkys

While anyone who dabbles in a bit of Home Bargains and the recent cleaning craze will probably have heard of a Minky, you may not have come across Home Bargains’ very own ‘Minky’.

The cleaning cloths are recognised for their honeycomb design one side and scourer side the other which helps tackle a multitude of tasks.

Minky’s own cloths can come in at quite a price, so it looks like Home Bargains is here to save the day with a multipack for less money than what some of the individual cloths cost.

Pink Stuff paste and spray

The Pink Stuff paste is a trusty cleaning product to stock up on. Whether the hob needs a scrub down, the sink needs shining or your shower tray has accumulated some unwanted build-up, Pink Stuff’s paste is a great product to use to revitalise a number of areas of the home.

The same company, Stardrops, has also formulated a spray which is a less time consuming option than scooping out the paste if you’re in a rush.

The spray leaves hard surfaces shiny and clean and costs under £2.

The Cleaner | Trailer | BBC Trailers

The Cleaner | Trailer | BBC Trailers

Astonish Window and Glass Cleaner

Every home needs its windows cleaning once in a while and what better product to get cleaning with than Astonish’s Window and Glass Cleaner?

Costing around £1, the cleaner removes dirt, grease and finger prints without any trouble at all.

The cleaner can be combined with a microfibre cloth or a Minky!

Dettol All In One Disinfectant Spray

Hailed by Mrs Hinch herself, up next we have the Dettol All In One Disinfectant Spray. This spray is especially great for metal surfaces such as taps, as well as mirrors and glass surfaces.

Mrs Hinch combats germs in her house by combining the Dettol spray with the Minky cleaning cloth for glass and windows. She dubs the cloth ‘Kermit’ because it’s green.

Bag yourself a multipack of six Dettol sprays from Home Bargains for £17.94 online.

Pledge fluffy duster starter kit

Again, another cleaning product used by the cleaning pro that is Mrs Hinch is the Pledge fluffy duster.

Use the duster on its on or with a polish or spray of your choice.

The fluffy duster has an extendable handle which makes it great for those hard-to-reach or hidden spots that gather dust. The starter kit costs around £2.50.

Elbow Grease Degreaser

A classic for the kitchen is the Elbow Grease Degreaser. Grab a spray bottle of this for less than a pound and get to work removing all that grease from your home.

Remember to always keep your room well ventilated when using cleaning products and not to spray the Elbow Grease Degreaser directly onto kitchen items such as plates or into the toaster.

The Elbow Grease Degreaser can be used on the exterior of appliances such as oven doors, toasters, kettles and also door handles, fridge handles and much more.

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