Issues related to feet are common and we often turn to home remedies to treat them. However, that wasn’t the case with My Feet Are Killing Me patients Bill Mallie and his father, Liam. Their self-made solution for their issue baffles the doctor.  

The case gets further interesting when you learn that Bill’s father, Liam, also suffers from the same issue and the duo has been dealing with it for years.

So, what is wrong with Bill and Liam’s feet? Do the doctors have a solution? Let us explain.

What is wrong with Bill and Liam’s feet?

Cracked heels are one thing, but can imagine walking around with a thick layer of hardened skin under your feet?

Both Bill and Liam have a layer of tough skin on the sole of their feet. That has made their life a living hell. 

Bill reveals that his feet issues started when he was as young as five or six years old. Meanwhile, Liam started developing scaly feet when he was only one.

Bill visits Dr. Brad along with his parents, as the father and son duo hope to find a solution to their issue. On examining their feet, the doctor concludes that they have extreme callouses and fissures on their feet. 

Liam’s home-made remedy surprises the doctor 

What would you ideally do if you discovered rough skin on your sole? You would try to scrub it off or apply some sort of lotion that would soften it. 

However, Liam came up with an unusual way to deal with his skin condition. He tells Dr. Brad that he had heard urine would be helpful in such a situation and he did the most unexpected thing with that suggestion. 

Liam says he would pee on his sock, wear it on his feet with a plastic bag covering it, and go to sleep. Before treating them, the amused doctor makes it clear that he hadn’t ever come across such a solution. 

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Could the doctor treat the father and son duo?

To simply put it, foot fissure is a condition that causes cracks on the skin on the feet resulting in dead skins that end up getting accumulated.

The only solution to Bill and Liam’s issue was to scrape off the dead skin from their feet as much as possible. Later, it would be treated by shaving the skin under it until a healthy layer is found. 

Although Liam’s case wasn’t as severe as Bill’s, Dr. Brad conducts the same procedure on both of them. The doctor manages to get rid of most of the dry skin to expose a healthy layer. As soon as that was done, the doctor assures Liam and Bill that the aftercare would only include creams and lotions.

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