Actor Billy Gardell has made many laugh in his time, but there is one significant part of his past which is no laughing matter: his previous weight. Those pizza-based comedy jokes didn’t come from nowhere.

Since his appearance on heart-warming American sitcom Bob Hearts Abishola, there is a slight distraction taking away from how rapidly he falls in love with his nurse following a mild heart attack.

As Bob attempts to become healthier – and inevitably gets deeper in his feelings for Abishola – there’s an irony that perhaps his character could reflect the man who plays him.

Billy Gardell himself has been through a similar weight loss journey, and we have the pictures to prove it.

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Comedian and Actor Billy Gardell Performs at The Ice House
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Billy Gardell pre-weight loss

Billy previously weighed 350 pounds, and said in a 2011 interview that he “grew up fat”, as reported by Distractify. He later revealed that his eating habits were a struggle, as he just wants to “roll around in pizza” on some days.

However, when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the actor decided to begin working with a trainer on fitness goals and a nutritionist to help tailor a meal plan so he could lose weight.

His journey to drop the pounds began 11 years ago. Billy also revealed in a Las Vegas stand-up show that CBS hired a trainer for him, despite his initial concerns that losing weight could affect his acting roles.

As seen in the picture above, it is clear that Billy was much heavier before his role on Bob Hearts Abishola. He has gone on to lose a significant amount of weight ever since, which explains why he looks so different today.

How much weight did Billy lose?

Billy now weighs 92 kilograms, which equates to around 202 pounds, as per WealthyPersons. This means he is likely to wear a 2XL pant size, but of course, this could vary depending on his waist and leg length.

Starting off at 350 pounds, he has now lost 148 pounds, which has been significantly recognised by many Bob Hearts Abishola viewers. His pre-weight loss look was even a contributor to some of his acting roles.

He is known for starring as Mike in Mike and Molly, a show about two overweight people falling in love after meeting at an over-eaters anonymous meeting.

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Did Billy get weight loss surgery?

No, Billy did not undergo any procedures to lose weight. Contrary to rumors that he may be sick or could have gotten weight loss surgery, he actually started dropping the pounds by eating healthier food.

In November, the actor and stand-up comedian admitted that losing weight is still a struggle for him. Exercise and following a meal plan is what eventually led him to his now-much smaller pant size.

Billy himself has not spoken much about what his weight loss goals are, or exactly how much weight he has lost, but it’s clear that his new look has not gone amiss by his fans.



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