Bling Empire: New York cast age ranges from a young 27-year-old to a wise, rich man with 64 years behind him. The glamorous cast all look so striking that viewers can barely tell them apart in age.

It’s the New York version of the OG Bling Empire, which starred rich Los Angeles residents like Anna Shay and Kane Lim. Now, Netflix has followed Dorothy Wang’s move to New York, where she is mingling with fellow rich people.

If the show launching in partnership with Michael Kors wasn’t enough to hint at just how wealthy the Bling Empire New York cast really is, then we can reveal the ages of each star. They are proof that you can make it big at any age.

Netflix hosts Bling Empire: New York Launch Event
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Richard Chang

Richard is 38 years old. He has worked as a chief growth officer for health company Hudson + Medical since December 2021, and also founded Un Poco Loco, an experiential taco restaurant.

He regularly gives to charity, and holds an estimated wealth of $2.5 million. Richard never grew up rich under his mother’s wing, but has become a millionaire over the years. He previously worked for Calvin Klein!

Vika Abbyaeva

Vika is a 27-year-old cast member on Bling Empire: New York, making her the youngest on the show. The model is in a longtime relationship with Richard, who is almost ten years her senior.

Stephen Hung

Stephen is the richest cast member on Bling Empire: New York, at 64 years old. The billionaire is one of New York’s wealthiest businessmen, proving that the oldest is usually the wisest, and is currently at the helm of SH Capital Group.

Alongside fronting the private investment firm for real estate, hospitality, and other luxury industries, Stephen serves as a vice chairman of the Rio Hotel & Casino, as per his LinkedIn page.

Deborah Hung

Deborah is 40 years old. She works as a businesswoman and has a career in law, while married to businessman Stephen Hung. Together, they have a busy lifestyle of glamorous events and are always in the audience of fashion shows.

Tina Leung

Tina’s age has been one of the biggest questions among Bling Empire: New York viewers. Many can’t believe she’s 40 years old while she navigates her successful career as a model, blogger, and stylist.

She often appears in high fashion editorials and is known as a total icon for her role in the industry.

Dorothy Wang

Dorothy is 34 years old. She launched to her fame for her appearance on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, but is now navigating life as an adult in New York, having recently moved there from Los Angeles.

She works as a real estate agent and is the daughter of businessman Roger Wang. When it comes to the star’s hobbies, Dorothy runs a self-titled website that chronicles her traveling adventures.

Blake Abbie

Blake is currently 32 years old. He works as the editor-at-large of A Magazine Curated By, an arts and fashion publication. Aside from his journalism career, Blake is also an actor and is hoping to enter the screenwriting industry.

Nam Laks

Nam, 29, is a masters student at Colombia University. From the moment she was born, the Bling Empire: New York star was wealthy, as her father is successful Thai businessman Nakorn Laksanakarn.

Lynn Ban

Lynn is 49 years old. She has worked with the likes of top musicians including Beyoncé and Rihanna, often creating custom pieces for top clientele, after being born into a wealthy Singapore family.

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