Who is Bobbi Meza? RHOC star Kelly Dodd and mother’s relationship explored!

Who is Bobbi Meza? RHOC star Kelly Dodd and mother's relationship explored!

Kelly Dodd’s brother Eric has revealed that their mother Bobbi Meza has contracted Covid-19, US Weekly reported.

Kelly Dodd is one of the main cast members on Real Housewives of Orange County and as a popular reality star, her professional and personal life are closely followed by viewers at home and her followers.

RHOC fans will remember that Kelly and her mother Bobbi Meza didn’t speak for two years before they got reunited last year.

Kelly is in the limelight for another reason now as according to reports her mother is battling Covid-19.

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Kelly Dodd on RHOC

Kelly Dodd’s mother battling Covid-19, Kelly’s brother has said

Kelly’s brother Eric Meza has said that their mother Bobbi Meza is fighting coronavirus, US Weekly has first reported.

According to the publication, Eric took to Instagram on November 21st and shared a picture in which he reportedly wrote:

“Prayers for my mother. She has COVID19. Prayers needed for my mother. Thank you. She is in ICU.”

Kelly commented under Eric’s post, US Weekly has continued, and the RHOC star wrote that their brother JR Meza had given her different information.

“‘Mom has me blocked! Jr said she’s not in ICU,” Kelly wrote in a now-deleted comment, US has added.

Eric’s original post is no longer available and Kelly hasn’t addressed the reports and her mother’s health situation at the time of writing.

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Who is Bobbi Meza?

Bobbi is Kelly Dodd’s mother. The relationship between Kelly and her mother has been in the media spotlight and on RHOC for some time.

In a previous episode of RHOC, Kelly revealed that she and her mother haven’t spoken for two years.

Addressing family issues with Bobbi and her brother Eric, the reality star explained:

“My mother was telling sensitive information to my brother and then causing problems. So I felt a little bit ganged up on, and I think the demise of our relationship was I spoil her, I feel like I do so much for her, but they weren’t reciprocating. She wanted to be mad at me, she wanted to yell at me, she wanted to be in control, and I had had it.”

Kelly spoke to ET in September last year (via Bravo) and revealed that she had resolved her problems with Bobbi and Eric. She said:

“I’m on really good terms with my brother and my mom. They were at my house all weekend, for a week. They’ve come twice this summer, ’cause they live in Arizona. So, yeah, I mean, we are back to where we were before. So, you know, there’s this really good thing about the show is that it really brought my mom and my brother [and me] back together. So, hopefully, next season you’ll see more of them. You can see them this season, but you know, my mom’s doing very well.”

In December last year, the mother-daughter duo got reunited to spend the festive season together.

“Jolie hates taking photos .. Hence our selfie portrait .. happy to have my Mom come and help me with Jolie,” Kelly captioned a series of pictures with Bobbi and her teenage daughter Jolie.

Another recent photo of Kelly and Bobbi is from March this year when the reality star wrote:

“Thanks Mom for watching Jolie while I’ve been in NYC!!”


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