Big Brother Naija's Boma and Tega under the duvet video explored
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Big Brother Naija's Boma and Tega under the duvet video explored

Viewers of Big Brother Naija have erupted in shock after they saw 2021 houseguests Boma and Tega under the duvet together.

A video of the series – which is aired 24/7 – has been released, which saw the two contestants appearing to get cosy underneath the sheets.

The main shock for fans is that this could mean married woman Tega may have been unfaithful, but it is not completely clear what they’re doing.

Reality Titbit have found the video, and explored how fans are reacting to the viral Big Brother Naija scene which is doing the rounds.

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What does the Boma and Tega video show?

Boma and Tega are clearly seen kissing, while it looks like there is definitely movement happening underneath the duvet, but this is unclear.

After the movement ends, Boma is seen grabbing loo roll and placing it under the duvet, before later talking to a houseguest about events.

At one point, Liquorose and Emmanuel came up to the bed and pulled off the duvet, which saw Boma respond with a smile and rub his hands.

He later told a co-star that he “needs to do it another five times”, in response to the ‘tornado explosion experience’.

Although it is not completely clear what happened, fans have made their own assumptions about what they were getting up to.

Fans react to Boma and Tega video

Viewers are hoping that Tega will head to the diary room to confess what she done with Boma, in order for her husband to find out the truth.

Some fans are questioning whether they should be disqualified for what went on between them, as it took place on live TV.

Others have accused Tega of being unfaithful to her husband for longer than just her time on Big Brother Naija, but this is unconfirmed.

A fan said: “So Boma actually unleashed the Other side of Tega.

“That means there is a possibility that she’s been cheating on her husband before going to bbn cos it’s barely 3 months and she couldn’t control konji.”

Another wrote: “There is no excuse for what Tega did. None whatsoever! Would have been better she came in as separated or single.”

However, some are unsure if anything actually happened.

One viewer said: “The first video was just Boma rubbing his hands and trying to make it look some way.

“Liquor Rose and Emmanuel were there and actually pulled off the duvet only to show him just rubbing his hands and smiling.”

Tega reveals plans if marriage crashes

When talking to Boma and Liquorose, she said that if her husband eventually ends their marriage, the problem is hers to deal with.

She then added that she would have accepted her fate.

Tega’s husband, who handles her social media, has responded, and said he is undisturbed by the activities of his wife.

He reportedly revealed that he knows she is an actress, before adding that he understands the show is a game.



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