My 600-lb Life: Where is Brandon Scott now? Weight loss and relationship update!

My 600-lb Life: Where is Brandon Scott now? Weight loss and relationship update!

Brandon Scott is one of several stars who allow TLC cameras to follow them on a weight loss journey. So, where is he after the show?

The TV network is set to revisit Brandon, several months after he first visited Dr. Now, with hopes to improve his life and drop the pounds.

Initially weighing more than 600 pounds when he first made an appearance, it looks like life has significantly changed for him since then.

So, where is Brandon Scott now? Has he continued his weight loss journey and what happened next for him and Tayler?

Screenshot: Dr Now Is Impressed With Brandon’s MASSIVE 141lb Weight Loss | My 600lb Life, TLC YouTube

Who is Brandon Scott?

Brandon, from Columbus, Ohio, was introduced as an aspiring musician.

He travelled to see Dr. Now, hoping that he could help him lose weight.

Revealing that coming back home was the hardest, he immediately started on the diet and exercises given to him by the bariatric surgeon.

The singer songwriter and music teacher was determined to continue with his journey, and move forward with his girlfriend Tayler.

Brandon Scott on My 600-lb Life

Brandon started off at a weight of 718 pounds when he first appeared on the TLC series, but his hard work paid off.

He struggled with his weight and severe lymphedema, before managing to lose 141 lbs in just two months – and 335 overall – impressing Dr. Now!

The star had set out to achieve three goals, including: pursuing a music career, moving to the next level with girlfriend Tayler, and losing weight.

He was later approved for weight loss surgery by Dr. Now, when Brandon revealed he was “so happy he could die”.

Where is Brandon Scott now?

Brandon is engaged to Tayler Kunce, which he announced in June 2019.

It looks like they may now be married, as he added the hashtag ‘#nightoutwithmywife’ to a recent Instagram post (five weeks ago).

They continue to sing together, and share their talents on social media.

He has now lost the weight he wanted, which is significantly clear to see in his latest photos, and pursued a career in music.

Reports state that Brandon eats little to no carbohydrates in his diet, and had lost about 30 pounds a month since his follow-up episode.



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