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Can you kill Bear Grylls on You Vs. Wild? The new interactive adventure series from Netflix

As the new series has arrived, we’re all asking one thing of You Vs. Wild: Can you kill Bear Grylls? Well, let’s take a closer look.

The new series recently arrived on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

It’s exclusively available on Netflix and is attracting such a wide audience.

With a sense of humour – of course – and curiosity, most are wondering one thing of You Vs. Wild. Can you kill Bear Grylls?

Let’s see, shall we…

still from “You Vs. Wild” trailer, Netflix 2019

What does it have to offer?

Across eight episodes, Grylls and the audience are placed in numerous scenarios and given two options to choose from.

Each decision determines a different outcome. We follow the brave and daring figure through mountains, jungles and all manners of treacherous terrain.

But, the power is in our hands. Given this choice, we’ll explore everything we can do.

still from “You Vs. Wild” trailer, Netflix 2019

You Vs. Wild: Can you kill Bear Grylls?

We are bombarded with decisions, but can any of them result in Grylls’ death?

Of course, it’s all fabricated, but fans did suspect there would be some sort of easter egg like this.

The answer is no.

You can make decisions which further endanger Grylls, for example in situations with poisonous snakes and mountain lions. However, he always gets away safely.

You vs. Wild: Can You Die?

The series was given a PG rating, so this should have been an early indication.

It’s friendly for all ages and it’s all good fun.

You can make him eat some rather undesirable stuff. Yet, there’s nothing too gross!


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