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Candy heads to the Botched Dr's after going from 450cc to 2500cc in breast augmentation

Botched is known for its iconic plastic surgery fails and one of the stars to go down in history was model Candy from Britain, who originally had her boobs done because she realised how much money she could make but ended up taking things a little too far. 

Unfortunately her boob jobs went wrong and she was left struggling to carry out the most basic daily tasks. The first surgery she had was fairly modest but the model ended up having more and more implants until it got to the point she needed help. 

Reality Titbit has all the info on Candy’s failed boob jobs and what Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow did to help. 

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Johnny vs. Amber | Official Trailer | discovery+

Johnny vs. Amber | Official Trailer | discovery+
Candy Botched. Picture: Candy’s 2500cc Boob Job Causes Big Problems

Candy’s surgery left her with breasts up to her collarbone

When Candy realised bigger boobs could help her career in the sex industry she kept on spending money to make them larger. However, her final boob led her to Nassif and Dubrow for emergency help. 

The sheer amount of surgeries she had left her with a huge gap in her chest. Candy explained how she had gone from a modest 420cc to a huge 2,500cc in just a short period of time. 

The first few surgeries were fine but towards the end her implants were up to her collarbone. Candy said: “When I woke up from that surgery I instantly regretted it.”

Candy ended up having breast reduction surgery in Florida, which left her breasts looking and feeling a lot better and made her life a lot easier. 

Candy Botched. Picture: Candy’s 2500cc Boob Job Causes Big Problems

Failed breast augmentations on Botched

Who remembers Kailan? After a failed breast augmentation, Kailan was extremely unhappy with the results – and we don’t blame her. The surgery she had when she was 19 took just 15 minutes. 

After surgery she said her implants were incredibly high, while the tissue was so low. This led to Kailan using duct tape every day to fix the shape and look of her breasts until enough was enough. 

With the help of Botched, her breasts are no longer in “duct tape prison”, and Kailan said she “can finally be the wife and mother my family has always deserved”.

Who is Paul Nassif?

Paul Nassif, 58, is a plastic surgeon who runs his own skincare company. The founder of NassifMD Dermaceuticals is known for starring on Botched as a doctor who helps people whose plastic surgery has gone wrong. He is a world-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Beverly Hills.

Born in Los Angeles on 26 June 1962, Paul is Lebanese-American by nationality, with mixed ethnicity.

Viewers may recognise him from starring on Dr 90210. He is also a member of the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. His friendship with fellow Botched doctor Terry Dubrow is loved by fans.



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