Charmaine Bey is best known for starring on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, which returned to our screens on October 4th. So what’s her net worth?

During the pandemic, Charmaine is a business owner who became affected by the lockdown, meaning she had to make money in other ways.

The first episode saw the VH1 star as a new mom with a fresh job, which left fans wondering how much she is worth in 2021.

Known for running 2nd City Ink on the reality show, several viewers are wondering how much money she makes from the tattoo shop.

What is Charmaine Bey’s net worth?

Charmaine has an estimated net worth of over $200,000 in 2021.

As of mid-2019, sources estimated a net worth around that amount, earned through a successful career on the show and through her businesses.

Reality Titbit believes that the Black Ink Crew: Chicago star has a net worth that is more towards $500,000, and is one of the richer cast members.

The curiosity around Charmaine’s net worth rose after Ryan Henry described her as a “rich b**ch” on the latest episode.

Black Ink Crew: Charmaine’s career

Charmaine owns two businesses, including tattoo skin care products firm and store 2nd City Tattoo, and organic product store Bey Moss.

She runs the latter with her husband Neek Bey, which sells 100% organic products made with purple sea moss from Jamaica.

During the pandemic, Charmaine began to focus more on the family-run business, instead of relying on customers to enter the tattoo shop.

Charmaine and Miss Kitty joined forces to help 2nd City Ink reach its full potential, but the trailer showed that they were no longer getting along.

The star has even revealed that women have entered her tattoo store before to get their vaginas inked!

Co-star Ryan Henry’s net worth

Ryan Henry is the other successful business owner on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, who shares a passion for being an entrepreneur with Charmaine.

The professional tattoo artist has been in the inking industry for a long time, and has a net worth of $1 million.

He is the owner of 9Mag – which opened in 2013 – a store considered to be the “mecca of tattoo shops in Chicago”, according to Distractify.

Although his business is going well, Ryan recently revealed on the show that his personal life has been a struggle.



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