Who is Chris Combs on 1000-lb Sisters? Meet Tammy and Amy's brother!

Chris appeared on the latest TLC episode of 1000-lb Sisters, as Tammy and Amy’s brother. So, who is he? What does he do for a living?

From the beginning of the second season, viewers have spotted Chris in several appearances, as the series follows his sister’s weight loss journeys.

He is going through a similar journey, with the recent episode showing his personal desire to get weight loss surgery.

So, who is Chris Combs? We found his personal blog on Facebook – let’s get to know the 1000-lb Sisters star a little better…

Screenshot: Chris Joins Tammy’s Weight-Loss Journey | 1000-lb Sisters, TLC YouTube

Who is Chris Combs?

Chris is Amy and Tammy’s brother, who is regularly seen on 1000-lb Sisters.

He is hoping to have weight loss surgery like Tammy, and is following a healthier lifestyle regime.

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The TLC star is currently working towards getting approved for the surgery to keep up with his new wife, who regularly helps him.

Several fans have praised Chris for being so supportive to his sisters.

Chris Combs’ weight loss journey

Chris also offered to take Amy’s place to look after Tammy, and help her lose weight – deciding to join the journey with her.

His main reason for losing weight is so that he can be around for his grandchildren, to play football with them and show them what he knows.

Chris’ father, who weighed around 400 to 500 lbs, died in 1957, and so the 1000-lb Sisters star wants to ensure he sticks around for his own children.

Chris started his journey to drop the pounds at a weight of 420 lbs.

However, he has reduced his weight to 397 pounds since he began to diet.

He said he is on track to getting approved for weight loss surgery next time he sees the doctor, but revealed he won’t wait for Tammy to get it.

Chris needs to lose 15lbs to be approved, and has been exercising every day ahead of his weigh-in with Dr Now.

Where is Chris Combs now?

Chris was hit by a fake bus which was part of a virtual reality game.

During the game, which involves walking on a metal plank on top of a skyscraper, he ended up stopping in the middle of the road.

He was reportedly shaken up following the fake accident, which he said felt real, and regularly speaks to his fans on his Facebook blog.

Chris says he is unable to accept any more Facebook friends, and has thanked his fans for supporting him and giving him kind comments.

He also spends his time making videos for his YouTube channel, which currently has over 9k subscribers.

Over on his TikTok, he describes himself as “simple man trying to make it”.



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