Who is Christeline Petersen on Seeking Sister Wife? Meet the Snowdens' 'third wife'!

Christeline Petersen has been courted by the Snowdens, as seen on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. So, who is their ‘third wife’?

The Snowdens appear on the show, which features couples and families living a polygamist lifestyle, where they search for an additional wife.

Christeline has often been showcased alongside the Snowdens, and is looking to be a potential sister wife along with Tayler Monique.

So, who is Christeline Petersen? Let’s get to know the Seeking Sister Wife star, as well as what happened between her and the Snowdens.

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Who is Christeline Peterson?

Christeline has reportedly been legally married to Dimitri Snowden for almost two years, and is thought to be the third wife.

She hails from South Africa and moved in with the Snowdens, alongside another new wife called Tayler Monique.

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Her relationship with the Snowdens is her first plural relationship.

Recently, we have seen Ashley and Dimitri courting Christeline to be their potential new sister wife on the TLC series.

She is also a mother to two daughters.

Christeline and the Snowdens: Timeline

Christeline, who is interested in spiritual teachings, was new to crystals when she began getting to know Ashley as a potential sister wife.

Ashley took her to a crystal shop to get to know her, but revealed that she did not know if Chrissy was a good fit to become their wife yet.

Christeline was called for consent before their sister wife Tayler moved in with them, as the Snowdens had pursued her first.

Tayler and Christeline became really close over online chat, so she gave consent for her to move in with them.

The next step was for Christeline to be brought to Los Angeles, California, along with her two daughters.

Updates on Christeline and the Snowdens

Christeline has reportedly left the Snowdens and split from Dimitri.

A GoFundMe page has been launched for Chrissy, which states that the TLC star and her two daughters are currently in hiding.

The fundraising page, which states the Snowdens ex-wife Vanessa Cobbs as the beneficiary of the account, has raised more than half of its $10,000 goal.

The GoFundMe page says: “100% of the funds raised (minus GoFundMe’s fee) will go towards getting Christeline back on her feet and stabilized here in the States until she can transition back home to South Africa.”

She is hoping to return to her home country and leave the United States.



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