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Claudette Zepeda has now become a Top Chef at hosting cooking classes

Season 15 of Top Chef Claudette Zepeda has been making big moves in the culinary industry since she was on the show, she opened up her dream restaurant, El Jardin at Liberty Sation, before shutting it to embark upon a new journey.

Reality Titbit has all the details on her new career endeavours such as becoming an executive chef and hosting her own online cooking classes, check it out.

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Claudette Zepeda. Picture: Chef Claudette Zepeda Reinvents Her Mom’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Claudette became an executive chef at Alila

In 2020 Claudette was offered an incredible position as the executive chef at Alila Marea Beach Resort, which is a luxury oceanfront hotel and restaurant.

Zepeda was appointed the role for both of the hotel’s restaurants The Pocket poolside bar and lounge as well as Vaga, the luxury global cuisine restaurant. Her role was to oversee all of the culinary operations in both of the eateries.

The chef is most known for her Mexican influence in her cooking and she brings that to Vaga, we saw this during her season on Top Chef as well as Top Chef: Mexico.

Zepeda recently appointed a new executive chef

At the start of 2022 Claudette decided to step nack from her role as executive chef for Vaga and has handed the reigns over to a new chef called Ananda Bareno.

This doesn’t mean that Claudette is stopping her work with Alila, she is staying on with the company as a chef consultant working on collaborations with Bareno for the changing seasonal menus.

Zepeda also decided to take a step back so that she could focus on other things she enjoys doing and giving herself the opportunity to e more open to other potential career endeavours.

The star is now a judge on the new Houston based Top Chef and will also be featured on the lineup for the Aspen Food and Wine convention in June 2022.

Claudette hosts her own cooking classes

Claudette now also hosts cooking classes! The chef started doing this during the first covid lockdown in 2020 with OpenTable, where she would host an hour-long event teaching the general public how to make some delicious meals – and she clearly loved it!

The Top Chef star has continued this up until now through her own website where guests can book one of her hour-long events and learn how to cook her food. Her website explains:

I’ll be cooking every recipe with you and explaining the methods. The classes are intended for you all to ask questions, should you hit any speed bumps I can talk you through it. You will finish with a completed recipe or if you just want to watch and learn with a glass of wine in hand that it totally acceptable too!

Claudette Zepeda



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