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Cuteness overload as Nanny Faye introduces these pups to Chrisley Knows Best

Nanny Faye Chrisley has brought a whole load of cute puppies into the Chrisley Knows Best home, fuelling rage from son Todd Chrisley.

Todd’s “mama” certainly puts him out of his comfort zone in his own home, and therefore pays the price for being a rude houseguest.

Faye reveals to her grandson Chase: “If Todd wants to complain, we’ll give him something to complain about”. Cue the fluffy friends on their way…

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Nanny Faye invites pawfect pups in

Nanny Faye has invited a couple of new dogs into her home, aside from the dog she already has permanently living at the Chrisleys.

A preview clip shows Todd walking into the front door and saying: “What the hell is this?” following the sound of a dog bark.

One of them is a black, white and golden dog that appears to be of a husky breed, while the other is a smaller-sized furry friend.

It comes after an episode earlier this year investigated whether Nanny Faye could be allergic to her own dog Miley.

Chrisley Knows Best: Family dogs

Nanny Faye has a toy yorkie dog called Miley. She appeared in the first season and occasionally makes her debut as the show’s fluffy star now.

Miley wasn’t seen on Chrisley Knows Best for ages, but then Todd posted a picture saying “she’s back” on Facebook in 2016.

Another dog was first introduced as Grayson’s pup during season one, as seen on the first episode. Todd’s daughter Savannah also had a puppy.

Her grandson Chase also has a dog called Lilo, a French bulldog. We don’t always get to see their pets, but occasionally catch glimpses of them.

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Todd isn’t a fan of puppies at home

Todd doesn’t usually allow dogs in the house, which is why he doesn’t react well when he sees several of them in the December 2nd episode.

Despite this, he has made sacrifices for his family. After months of listening to Grayson beg, Todd Chrisley finally caved and bought his son a puppy.

She was a white maltipoo called Dixie. Todd ended up paying son Chase to train Dixie while he and Savannah prepped for a softball game!

They welcomed Dixie into the family in 2017.



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