Dannielle and Garrick’s relationship has been expanded, by inviting Roberta into their marriage. So, are they still together?

They are known as the Merryfields on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, which follows several families in polygamous relationships.

Recently, Dannielle and Garrick welcomed Roberta into their lives, which meant that he had to divorce his current wife and marry her instead.

So, are they still together? What’s the latest update on their relationship?

Screenshot: Dannielle Spent the Night With Roberta and Garrick! | Seeking Sister Wife, TLC YouTube

Who are Dannielle and Garrick?

Garrick, 37, and Dannielle, 33, who are known as the Merrifields, live in Colorado, and are parents to two sons.

They were a monogamous couple for several years, during which time they had sons Geremiah, 11, and Solomon, 10.

After searching online for another wife, they found Roberta.

They have planned to divorce so that Garrick can get married to Roberta legally, and welcome her into their family life.

Dannielle and Garrick: Relationship timeline

The Merrifields have been married for more than 12 years.

That was up until recently, when they decided to get a divorce so that Garrick could marry Roberta, who has become part of their relationship.

By divorcing, Garrick and Dannielle are able to apply for a K-1 visa for their new sister wife-to-be, Roberta Rodrigues, who is from Brazil.

They visited the courthouse to finalise the divorce, where a judge asked them if their marriage is irretrievably broken. Dannielle said yes.

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Are Dannielle and Garrick still together?

  • Technically speaking, they are no longer married

Looking at Dannielle’s Facebook page, it appears that she only has pictures with her children on there, and none with Garrick.

We also scrolled through Garrick’s Facebook page, and only photos with Roberta feature on his profile, as well as images of her with his children.

Neither of them have relationship information available, but it potentially looks like Garrick and Roberta may no longer be with Dannielle.

However, this has not been confirmed, and it may just be that they haven’t shared many photos with each other on social media.

She was recently seen getting upset on Seeking Sister Wife, after Roberta and Garrick were left alone to spend the night together.



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