Reality Titbit exclusively spoke to the wonderful and beautiful Ashley Taylor, star of Netflix’s Dating Around in episode 6.

During our interview, Ashley discussed the format of the show and LGBTQ issues that surrounded her date with Mila.

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still from “Dating Around” episode six, Netflix, 2019

What is your favourite episode of the series?

“I would have to say my favourite episode was my own.

Not to be biased but the lesbian community is rarely seen on TV. I am grateful that we were all able to educate viewers a little on what it is like and bring them into our world.

It is definitely not something people are used to seeing on dating shows.”

There are some truly honest moments on the show. Was it simply a “let the cameras roll” approach while the dates were going on?

“The thing I most enjoyed about this experience is that what you see was 100% organic conversation.

There were no rules to the date other than to be yourself. Going on a completely blind date in today’s world is a rarity.

Many people go on first dates but there is a wealth of knowledge collected before meeting that person. With this, every first was captured on camera, from the introduction of names to jobs to initial feelings of the other person.”
a still of Ashley and Mila, stars of “Dating Around”, Netflix, 2019

Were there any moments on your date which you wish had made the cut?

“There were a ton of moments on the date that didn’t make the cut, such as all my funny one-liners.

Mostly I wanted to share my coming out story, as I didn’t have it easy like some of the other cast members. I went through a really hard time with some of my family.

I wanted others to hear my story and try to help that one person going through something similar, to let them know it will be okay and to hang on.”

Do you feel you’ve made some friends for life?

“I recently reached out to everyone to organize a cast meet up and we have all become very quick friends.

I can tell that a lot of them are going to be friends for life.

Charlotte on my episode has, however, been my friend for years so she is definitely stuck with me!”

What advice would you give to any future singles on the show?

” My advice to future singles would be to be authentic to yourself and speak your mind.

If all first dates went perfectly then there would never be a real reason to continue dating other people. If you are feeling it, say it. If you aren’t, say it.

Another piece of advice is to be open to the whole experience because who you may meet may not be your “ideal” type but there is so much more to a person than what meets the eye.”

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When will audiences get to see you all reunite?

“I am not sure if Netflix is planning on doing anything.

However, all of our social followers will see a nice reunion on March 2nd!”


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