Sir David Attenborough can always be relied upon to create some of the most thought-provoking, timely documentaries. His latest venture is no different.

‘Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet Earth’ launched on Netflix on Thursday, June 4th. It examines the biodiversity collapse of Planet Earth, and assesses what we can do to slow our impact.

In David Attenborough’s most successful series Planet Earth and Blue Planet, he only appears in the episodes as a narrator. In contrast, David joins forces with sustainability scientist Professor Johan Rockström.

With David on our screens, many viewers noticed that his left eye was partially-closed in the series. So, why was David Attenborough’s eye closing?

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David Attenborough on Breaking Boundaries

Sir David has been working as a nature broadcaster since the 1950s. Although he has always supported and promoted animal conservation, the conversation has dramatically shifted over the past few years from animals to the environment. Now, David is vocal about his concerns on our impact.

Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet follows the scientific journey of world-renowned scientist Professor Johan Rockström.

It tells the story of how humanity has pushed Earth beyond the boundaries that have kept the planet stable for 10,000 years, since the dawn of civilisation.

David Attenborough provides the narration for the series, but he also appears as one of the presenters. In his on-screen moments, viewers noticed that David kept closing his eye.

Why is David Attenborough’s eye closing?

David Attenborough has never confirmed the exact reason that his eye closes, but there is a chance it could be unilateral ptosis. This is also referred to as “pathologic droopy eyelid.” It can come on as a result of trauma, a medical disorder, or age. It is likely David Attenborough’s is a result of the latter. It is a very common condition for people in their older age.

Some fans were concerned that David had had a stroke and his left eye closing was a result of brain damage. This, however, is unlikely, as David has never addressed whether he’s had a stroke.

At 95 years old, David Attenborough is still remarkably healthy and active. Travelling the world to do big presenting gigs might take it out of anyone, but David seems relatively unphased by the job at hand.

Watch Breaking Boundaries

If you wanted to watch the documentary from Sir David Attenborough but missed it when it aired on Sunday, September 13th – we have good news!

You can currently watch the film on Netflix. Those who already have an account are in luck, but anyone who wishes to watch the documentary will need to set up an account. The cost per month ranges from £5.99 to £13.99.



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