Despite Ryan Seacrest being "dropped" from The Kardashians, he couldn't be happier

Despite Ryan Seacrest being "dropped" from The Kardashians, he couldn't be happier

Since the new Kardashian series launched on Hulu, it is all anyone can talk about, but what audiences really want to know is since Keeping Up With The Kardashians was axed, has the family stayed close to their ex-producer, Ryan Seacrest?

The co-producer was “dropped” by the family when they switched networks but Ryan has chosen to take the high road and even sent the girls a lovely message ahead of their show.

Reality Titbit has all the latest on what went down with the Kardashians and Seacrest.

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The Found Footage Phenomenon | Official Trailer | Shudder
Ryan Seacrest. Picture: Ryan Seacrest Has a Crazy Schedule

Ryan left the Kardashians a message ahead of their new show

Ryan acted as the co-creator of KUWTK working with the family for over ten years, so leaving the network as well as the family must have been difficult.

However, Ryan seems nothing but happy for the girls as he left them a very kind gift and message before the Hulu premiere last week and he also spoke to E! about how the family “evolved” from the show.

Ryan has been very supportive of the Kardashian clan’s new endeavour. On the Hulu launch day, Khloe posted a picture on her story of a stunning bouquet of flowers that were brought for her by Seacrest. The flowers came with a message that read, “Good luck with the launch! Love Ryan Seacrest.”

A few hours later, the eldest sister, Kourtney, also shared a picture of the same flower arrangement and a similar message.

No more Ryan Seacrest

The girls have moved from the E! network to Hulu in a big change but as we said Ryan seems to be over the moon for the family. Ryan previously spoke up about the change saying The Kardashians would “present new opportunities” for the girls.

In February 2021 he opened up to People magazine saying:

I think they have a lot of ideas and [will do] a lot of things that they may have not had a chance to do with Keeping Up with the Kardashians because it was such a strong franchise and people wanted what they saw from the family. And that’s what they got for 20 seasons. So I have a feeling they have a stack of ideas. My guess would be they want to evolve a little bit from the show that everybody has seen and do something differently.

Ryan Seacrest, People

The Kardashians wished him a happy birthday

Ryan turned 47 in December and received a whole load of birthday love, especially from the Kardashian family.

Kim gave Ryan a birthday shoutout, sharing a throwback picture of the pair at the Grammy’s in LA with the caption, “Happy Birthday Ryan Seacrest.”

Kris Jenner also shared the love as she posted a picture of the couple with the caption, “Happy Birthday Ryan. I love you.”



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