As the latest season of Deadliest Catch came to an end, the show reminded fans of the moment when Destination boat suddenly sank.

The devastating event took place in 2017, but will never be forgotten by Discovery fans who regularly tune in to the fishing-based show.

Last night saw the season finale take viewers back to the tragic accident several years ago, paying tribute to those crew members that died.

Here at Reality Titbit, fans can get the latest update on what happened to the boat, and find out the crew members who were on board.

Screenshot: Captain Sig Receives Devastating News About His Friends Aboard The F/V Destination, Discovery YouTube

Deadliest Catch: What is ‘Destination’ boat?

The F/V Destination was a 98-foot crab boat based in Seattle.

Captained by Jeff Hathaway, the Texas-built, US-flagged crab fishing vessel was part of the Bering Sea fleet.

The sinking of the commercial fishing boat was the focus of a special Deadliest Catch episode in 2017.

What happened to the Destination crab boat?

  • The F/V Destination sank in 2017

Six crew members died when the crab boat disappeared on a Saturday morning in February 2017, near St. George Island.

A Coast Guard investigation of the Destination concluded that overloading of crab pots and heavy icing at sea played a large role in the boat sinking.

An investigation by The Seattle Times found the owner of the Destination failed to follow through on a recommendation to have an updated stability test conducted by a naval architect.

An analysis later found that the sea bottom weighed 840 pounds, which failed to meet federal stability regulations due to a large load.

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Which crew members were on Destination?

Captain Sig was particularly emotional when finding out about the accident, especially as he was close friends with the boat’s captain.

Here are the crew members who died following the incident:

  • Captain Jeff Hathaway
  • Darrik Seibold
  • Charles Glen Jones
  • Kai Hamik
  • Raymond Vincler
  • Larry O’Grady

Several viewers and fans pay tribute to those who died on the yearly anniversary of the accident, which happened on February 11, 2019.



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