Did Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters have a baby? TLC fans spot an arrival date!

Did Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters have a baby? Fans have spotted a major slip-up on the TLC star’s Instagram page and want to know whether she has already given birth.

TLC first introduced us to the Slaton siblings in December 2019, making it over one whole year since we first met them.

The second season of 1000-lb Sisters premiered in early January this year and revealed that Amy is expecting a baby.

But has Amy already given birth? Let’s find out.

Amy Slaton on 1000-lb Sisters, YouTube

Meet Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters

Amy Slaton, who comes from Kentucky, is one of the stars on 1000-lb Sisters. She is also a YouTube star with 278k subscribers on her channel.

Amy revealed that she wanted to start a family with her husband, but had trouble getting pregnant as a result of her weight and health issues.

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But the new season of the TLC series revealed that Amy and her husband’s family is getting bigger as Amy is expecting a child.

Her fans and followers are very happy about the exciting news.

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Screenshot – New Series: Meet the 1000-lb Sisters!, TLC Youtube

Did Amy have her baby?

  • Amy confirmed that she hasn’t had the baby just yet.

Many eagle-eyed fans have spotted a baby registry on her Instagram account which states that the arrival date is January 7th, 2021.

However, the TLC star has denied the ongoing speculations from her fans and commented on YouTube: “January 7 2021 was the day I created the baby registry. Not my due date.”

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So, when is Amy’s due date?

That’s unconfirmed at the moment. Amy hasn’t revealed when the arrival date of her baby is.

A fan took to one of Amy’s Instagram posts and asked: “How far along are you now, are you allowed to say?? Hope you and baby are doing great! Loving the new episodes.”

Amy hasn’t responded to this fan and many other who wonder how far the TLC star is in her pregnancy.

This might have to do with the episode scheduling of 1000-lb Sisters. Amy might want to keep some details under wraps for the time being so she doesn’t spoil surprises and upcoming storylines.

Make sure to follow Amy on Instagram where she should confirm her due date when the time comes.



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