Did Donovan Eckhardt 'steal' from Windy City Rehab? Alison Victoria's allegations on HGTV series explained!

Windy City Rehab returned for its second season this year and the show has been in the media spotlight following allegations against its star Donovan Eckhardt. 

Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt have previously made headlines over legal and financial troubles which led to the end of their relationship as friends and business partners.

The whole drama is currently playing out in the second series of the HGTV programme. In the latest episode, Alison ended her business relationship with Donovan for good.

But some viewers are baffled after Alison made accusations against Donovan about a pretty big payout.

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Screenshot – Windy City Rehab Season Two Sneak Peek

What happened to Donovan Eckhardt?

As the sneak peek of season 2 suggested, this series gave insight at what happened between Alison and Donovan.

Donovan’s license as a developer and general contractor was suspended, as per a report by People last year. The two stars faced legal problems after a local couple from Chicago filed a lawsuit for fraud following renovations done to their $1.3 million family home.

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As a result, the relationship between Alison and Donovan broke down and their troubles are the main storyline of Windy City Rehab’s new series.

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Alison Victoria’s accusations explained

In the latest episode of the series, Alison ended her business relationship with Donovan for good.

During a meeting, Alison found out that Donovan allegedly made a payout to his company BE Customs. However, Alison claimed that this is not possible since his license has been suspended.

Speaking in the episode, Alison said: “What’s happening here? What are you getting paid for? That’s what I’m trying to understand.”

“I don’t care anymore. Fine. Don’t write the check,” Donovan responded in his defense.

Alison asked Christine, her head of purchasing, to make an audit and check other payouts to Donovan. Christine found another invoice for $150,000 which was allegedly paid to BE Customs.

Later in the episode, Alison addressed Donovan again and said:

Where did the money go? Show me who you paid. Show me what happened. You got the money off the top. That means that’s my money too. Those are my houses. That’s my bank loan. And I received zero from those jobs. From most of them, I received zero profit.

Fans share reactions on Twitter

It’s safe to say that fans have been surprised how much drama the second season has offered so far.

But many already knew what was coming since Alison and Donovan had made headlines for their legal and financial issues.

Check out some reactions down below.




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