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Did Jazz Jennings go to Harvard and why did she delay her education?

Jazz Jennings’ life as one of the youngest publicly-documented people to be identified as transgender airs on TLC every Tuesday. Now, fans wonder if she went to the prestigious university known as Harvard.

While she focuses on trying to do more exercise and eat healthily, following weight gain in-between seasons, there’s another thing on the minds of viewers… and that’s her education.

The reality star first attended Broward Virtual School, where she was the valedictorian of the class of 2019. But her journey since going there is the main question, so Reality Titbit delved into whether she ever went to Harvard.

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Did Jazz Jennings go to Harvard?

Although unconfirmed by the star herself, reports say that Jazz began attending Harvard University earlier this year. She was accepted there initially, as well as Pomona College.

Clues such as her Harvard lanyard being spotted in a picture with her mother, and confirmed she was still in school in a TikTok video, hinting that she has now returned to education.

The TLC star chose to attend Harvard as a freshman in 2019 but decided at the last minute to delay starting there. Her parents made it clear to Jazz that they would rather see her at Harvard, if she was going to travel to California.

Due to the Covid surge, Harvard University has instructed students not to return to campus for the next three weeks. They will be studying remotely during this time, so it looks like Jazz may still be living at home.

The university intends to begin the spring semester on January 24th as usual.

Why the TLC star delayed Harvard

Jazz delayed going to Harvard University because she felt she was not ready and would be taking a year off. She had come to the conclusion that she wanted to “refocus and recenter”.

She shared the news with her Instagram followers and wrote:

I wanted to share some news. After careful consideration, I have decided to take a break before starting at Harvard. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it is the right one for me. These past few years have been so full and busy that I realized I could use some time to refocus and recenter to be the strongest version of myself.”

Jazz then shared on Instagram in February 2020 that she was ready to head to Harvard, but the Covid-19 pandemic meant that her education there was delayed even further.

Season 7 shows that the reality star is excited to start her college life at Harvard, but is also worried about taking on so much alongside her significant weight gain.

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Jazz’ weight journey alongside Harvard

Since Jazz gained 100lbs, she has been on a journey to get fit again. She revealed that she was now in the “morbidly obese” category following a visit to the doctor.

To help her lose weight, the star has began following a weight loss programme. And when she was not attending college, she landed an internship with a plastic surgeon.

Episodes showed Jazz stepping onto a bathroom scale, which shows her weight at 234 lbs. She insisted that she aims to lose weight for health purposes because she “doesn’t feel good with some of the foods she has been eating”.

Admitting the cause of the weight gain is binge-eating and medication, Jazz accused her family of fat-shaming her for criticizing her eating habits. Despite this, she said she feels “beautiful” no matter her size.



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