The family from Doubling Down with the Derricos seems to be dealing with a crisis as Karen isn’t keeping well. Deon has revealed that his wife is hospitalized after experiencing paralysis on one side of her body, and fans are worried if she has had a stroke. 

Season 2 of the TLC show is airing its finale tonight (August 10). While another season of the family reality show comes to an end, the happenings of the last episode have raised several questions about the family situation, considering the parents have 14 children to take care of. 

Did Karen Derrico have a stroke?

Deon Derrico is seeing telling his mother on the show that Karen was rushed to the hospital.

He explains: “Literally, Karen just looked like she had a stroke. Her whole right side was paralyzed.

“We was just in the middle of talking and sort of joking, and she immediately started crying with a straight face. No expression, just tears was just rolling down”

Deon calls it “one of the scariest things.”

GG’s also emotional over her daughter-in-law’s condition, as she tells on camera that the mother of 14 is only 41.

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

Was the stroke scare true?

Deon was strongly convinced that his wife could have had a stroke. He is heard saying, “When the side goes, you know, weak or numb like paralysis, that’s typically a stroke. So I don’t know.”

However, the stroke scare was a result of Deon’s personal experience as he has seen both his brother and grandmother suffer from the condition.

No official report has confirmed that Karen Derrico actually had a stroke and neither does the sneak peek. 

Furthermore, Karen’s latest Instagram posts are indicative of the fact that she’s doing fine and doesn’t appear to show any kind of weakness in her body.

On August 5, she posted a video with GG from the hospital to thank fans for all the wishes, while providing an update on Deon’s mother’s health. GG was hospitalized on August 3, but no other details were disclosed.

Fans blame “stress” for the mother’s ill-health

Even though the Derricos have a beautiful family, many have expressed their concerns for Karen as she is trying for more children despite already having 14. Season 2 of Doubling Down with the Derricos also navigated through her miscarriage and fans feel it’s high time she took her health more seriously. 

One fan commented, “Having that many kids is a lot stress took toll on the body,” while another added” “ts all the stress she has been through with her babies!! Thoughts and prayers being sent…”

“He needs to get his whatever clipped. She needs a break having babies. I love them soo much and I’m praying it all works out. Get well Karen,” said another fan.

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