Kim Kardashian revealed that her now ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson was due to travel to space, confessing that she was really worried about his plans to do so. So, did the former Saturday Night Live star ever fly on the Blue Origin?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos revealed that Pete would be a special guest on the cosmic trip, which flew out for its 20th flight of New Shepard on March 31st 2022. Then, Hulu’s The Kardashians season 2 began filming.

That’s when Kim shared how Pete launched his first post, which she expected to be about space. She then shared her fears with friends, saying that she was afraid the rocket would “blow up” if Pete went on the trip.

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Did Pete Davidson go to space?

No, Pete never ended up going to space. He pulled out of the Blue Origin trip just days before launch, following a schedule change. The company cited the need for additional ground tests on the rocket as the reason for its delay.

Pete didn’t have space in his busy schedule to attend the updated fly-out date, but would have been able to make the original planned date of March 23rd. His place on the flight was replaced shortly after he pulled out.

Gary Lai, who has been with Blue Origin for 18 years and holds several patents related to the New Shepard rocket’s design, flew in Davidson’s place and was the sole non-paying customer on the flight.

When Pete was still due to travel, Kim was more comfortable leaving after chatting with Jeff Bezos about Blue Origin’s extensive testing. If she didn’t have four kids dependent on her, she admitted she would “absolutely go”.

The Blue Origin space trip

On March 31st 2022, six people were launched to space in the fourth crewed Blue Origin flight. Since then, Blue Origin flew out two flights, including Star Trek star William Shatner and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan.

Crew included Gary, Marty Allen, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen, former Administration Office of Commercial Space administrator George Nield, real estate developer Marc Hagle, and wife Sharon, who founded a space non-profit.

Blue Origin’s goal is to make these suborbital spaceflights a normal part of society, giving a 10-minute supersonic joyride to invited guests who can afford it. The very first seat on the New Shepard was auctioned for $28 million.

Fans react to Pete’s former space plans

After Kim shared Pete’s plans to go to space, The Kardashians fans were seriously confused about them. Many couldn’t believe Jeff Bezos invited the comedian onto the trip, but the truth is, he actually did.

One fan said: “Jeff Bezos invited Pete to go to space? What is this nonsense? #TheKardashians.”

After finding out the proposed plans, another jokily penned on Twitter: “Pete Davidson is going to space, we’re not seeing him in 30 years and then he’s gonna come back and look the same.”

“Ain’t no way Pete Davidson is going to space,” wrote an unconvinced viewer.

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