Did Rachel quit Below Deck? Shock as Bravo star walks out!

Yacht chef Rachel Hargrove made a dramatic exit during the last episode of Below Deck. And now viewers wonder if she’s really quit…

Following a drunken night of Rachel missing her boyfriend, a preference sheet meeting on Bravo’s Below Deck seemed to be the tipping point for her.

Rachel was seen sitting down with other crew members, including Captain Lee, bosun Eddie Lucas, and chief stew Francesca Rubi.

And it wasn’t long before Rachel began to swear in response to an upcoming charter guest’s demands. So has she actually quit?

Screenshot: Rachel Hargrove Below Deck – Hayu

Why do viewers think Rachel has quit?

After hearing the demands of upcoming yacht guest Bryan Guarnieri during a meeting, Rachel announced she wanted a flight home.

She labelled the demands of guest Bryan Guarnieri – one of North Carolina’s top realtors – as “ostentatious”.

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He had said he expected “nothing but the finest service during his charter”.

Some of his demands involved a 10-course dinner with American fine dining – filled with steaks and seafood – and Rachel wasn’t happy. She said:

This preference sheet just seems absolutely ridiculous. At this point, I’m overwhelmed so I have to walk away. And if I can’t walk away, that’s when it’s gonna just build and that’s when I explode.

Will Rachel be returning to Below Deck?

  • Yes – according to an unseen clip of Rachel and Eddie laughing

Although her departure makes it look like she has fully quit, this has been contradicted by unseen clips – which insinuate her return!

Several fans have told her via Instagram that they will miss seeing her on the show, and added that they hope she’s returning.

Looking at her Twitter and Instagram, Rachel has not confirmed that she has quit, and still has Below Deck in her bio….

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Fans react to Rachel ‘quitting’ the show

After a brief scroll on Twitter, it’s clear that many viewers believe she left to be with her boyfriend, who is thought to have been in Italy at the time.

Captain Lee said he has never had to tell a charter guest that his charter is cancelled, in the 35 years that he has been a charter yacht captain.



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