Did Tammy Slaton get forehead surgery on 1000-lb Sisters?

Tammy Slaton has returned to our screens every Monday night, sharing her journey on 1000-lb Sisters. So did she get forehead surgery?

The latest season of the TLC show sees Tammy return home from rehabilitation while she goes on a weight loss journey.

Since Amy and her sister’s lives began to be shared again on November 15th, viewers have noticed that Tammy’s forehead looks different.

We found out whether she has had forehead surgery, and looked at fan reactions to her significantly different appearance.

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Viewers notice bulging forehead

Tammy’s forehead has appeared to have a bulge, which does not look so significant now compared to previous episodes.

The thing is, the forehead mass tends to bulge further in some episodes than others, which may have an effect when her weight goes up or down.

This left fans wondering if she got forehead surgery. Most speculate that the the mass may be a lipoma, a fatty lump which develops under the skin.

It is thought that Tammy has had the mass since she was young.

Did Tammy get forehead surgery?

No, Tammy did not get forehead surgery. She has visited multiple doctors about her head, who responded by saying the mass is a “fat socket”.

Usually, she is very open with followers and viewers about her life, so it is likely she would have shared getting any surgery.

Instead of surgery, it is more likely that losing 60 pounds means her forehead could potentially be losing weight and therefore appears smooth.

Despite this, some fans still think her forehead looks the same as before.

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Tammy’s head: Before and after

In recent pictures, fans have commented that they thought her face looked slimmer, as her eyes were opened wider.

In the past, Tammy could not open her eyes as wide, as a result of the fat being deposited on her forehead.

However, now that she has began losing weight, many have noticed the changes she is having appearance-wise.

In some pictures, there is no bulge at all, while others show a slightly noticeable mass that she originally went to doctors for assistance with.



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