Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 is fast approaching its end, with the final episode airing on Friday, January 24th.

As always with Coach Trip, pairs of celebs have been booted off by Brendan and their peers, collecting more duos in their place.

The final additions have just joined the trip for the final stretch… Real Housewives Ester and Tanya!

But while Ester Dee donned her sports gear to compete in the show’s activities, it looked like the reality star had a major scar on her stomach. But we don’t think it’s a scar at all!

Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 E13 – 4oD

Ester and Tanya hit the road

In episode 13 (Wednesday, January 22nd), The Real Housewives of Cheshire stars Tanya and Ester turned up on the Celebrity Coach Trip.

Ester Dee is one of the more recent additions to the RHOCH cast, whereas Tanya is a Cheshire legend.

The 33-year-old reality star was born in the Czech Republic and moved to the UK with just £40 to her name. She has had relationships with John Temple and Rob Lloyd, both millionaires.

Ester is currently married to John, although she her 4-year-old daughter’s father is Rob.

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Sports gear reveals scar

Both Tanya and Ester donned sportswear to participate in episode 13’s challenge.

During this, eagle-eyed viewers spotted that Ester had what looked like a scar running down her abdomen, right in the centre of her chest.

However, upon closer inspection, we don’t believe it to be a scar at all, but merely natural lines on Ester’s body. Ester has neither commented about any scarring, so we doubt it’s from any major operation.

We say this looking closely at two images, one where you can see the scar, the other where you cannot. Check out what we mean below…


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Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 E13 – 4oD

No scar

Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 E13 – 4oD



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