Does Julie from Chrisley Knows Best have a restaurant yet?

Chrisley Knows Best season 9 is in full swing with fans enjoying every moment of the Nashville-based family. But does Julie Chrisley have a restaurant yet?

Todd and Julie, heads of the Chrisley clan, seem to be doing well. In a previous interview with The Tennessean (as reported by Pop Culture), the couple revealed their plans to open a restaurant and champagne bar.

Now fans are wondering whether Julie and Todd’s restaurant is open yet.

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Does Julie Chrisley have a restaurant yet?

From the looks of it, Chrisley Knows Best cast members Julie and Todd haven’t opened their restaurant yet.

The reality stars have been vocal about their plans to open a Southern home-cooking restaurant since 2018. The show’s fans are well versed with Julie’s love of cooking too.

However, their plans were disrupted by the covid-19 pandemic, which hit the hospitality industry hard. Now, however, as the world starts to return to normal, it looks as though the Chrisley’s restaurant plans are moving ahead too.

As reported by The Tennessean, via Pop Culture, the couple’s restaurant plan is under way. At the time of the interview, they revealed the restaurant was only seven months away from opening. That means, hopefully, fans can expect an announcement soon.

The name of the reported establishment has yet to be revealed and we’re all waiting for the Chrisleys to spill the beans.

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Todd and Julie discuss business plans

Fans know Todd always keeps his family values at the forefront and doesn’t advocate alcohol consumption. Hence it made total sense for the reality star to partner with Beckett’s Tonics California to create a non-alcoholic beverage brand.

Talking about getting on board with the champagne bar, Todd claimed in the interview with The Tennessean he wants it to be a “classy” establishment. “If we’re going to participate in something, I want to participate in something classy, and you’re not out here bar fighting. This seemed a classier version,” he said.

Julie chimed in saying: “The restaurant and food is so in my wheelhouse. I’m excited to get this going.”

A look at Chrisley Knows Best season 9

So far, 16 episodes of Chrisley Knows Best season 9 are out. The 17th episode, entitled Welcome To The Dog House, is scheduled for a December 2nd release.

The episode will see Todd paying the price for being a rude house guest, while Savannah will teach Grayson a thing or two about respect.

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