Joseline's Cabaret: 'Double homicide' meme explored - what does it mean?

Joseline's Cabaret: 'Double homicide' meme explored - what does it mean?

Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami is here, and it wasn’t long before the show host’s words led to a ‘double homicide’ meme. What does it mean?

When Joseline Hernandez tried to launch a cabaret show in Miami, The Zeus Network caught the behind-the-scenes all on camera.

While she is seen speaking to the show performers, she talks about a “double homicide”, shocking fans and leading to a meme being created.

So, what is the “double homicide” meme? What does it all mean? Let’s see how fans reacted to what Joseline said…

What is the “double homicide” meme?

The meme all came from an exclusive Josaline’s Cabaret clip, when Joseline Hernandez was giving her show performers a pep talk.

She had told the girls that they can “get out of their life”, and “the gutter”.

During the chat, one of the girls started crying and revealed that what she was saying “hit home” for her, before Joseline brought her up to the front.

The performer said:

It hit home for me, so I was saying the gutter is a rough place, and you got to do any and everything to make it. Every situation, including aborting twins, you feel better yourself ’cause a dude want to leave you.

Joseline responded by asking: “You just had an abortion? Twins?”

The girl clarifies her comment, before another dancer is heard saying: “Damn. Double homicide”. The girl then responds with: “B****”.

Fans react to “Double Homicide” meme

Since the exclusive clip was aired on the show, fans are in shock, with many saying they found the comment hilarious.

Several viewers claim it was Big Lex who said the “double homicide” comment, who later slated the girl for having an abortion.

Many of them have praised Big Lex for allegedly making the comment, who later confirmed that she was the one who said it.

The trailer which featured the comment went viral pretty quickly…

“Double homicide” meme: Explained

The “double homicide” comment refers to the abortion of twins that the dancer revealed she had, after the father had left her.

Some fans didn’t understand what this meant, but it looks like she is criticising her for having the abortion, while pregnant with twins.

The controversial comment refers left fans in shock.

Joseline has since spoken out about the “double homicide” comment during an interview with Madame Noire, and said:

At the time, we had just come in the house. I had just let the ladies come into the house after their long travels. Everybody was kind of tired and I was tired too. I didn’t really hear that part when I was there on set. The one young lady who was telling her story, she was so destroyed and crying that I was just giving her all my attention. I was still kind of shocked by her story. I was still processing everything.

She added: “So, I don’t know how I felt. It was so many girls in the background just talking. I had to figure out what happened. But at the moment, I was just like, ‘Whoa.’”



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