TLC’s Doubling Down With The Derricos has touched on the story of baby Carter, which led fans to wonder what happened to him.

The series follows the lives of Dean and Karen Derrico, a couple who can conceive multiples and quintuplets completely naturally.

With 14 children to look after, it hasn’t always come easy, which was clear to see in the first episode of the family’s reality TV show.

So, who was baby Carter? What happened to the Derrico’s child?

Screenshot: Karen Derrico, Quintuplets, Triplets and Two Sets of Twins?! | Doubling Down With the Derricos, TLC YouTube

Who was baby Carter?

Baby Carter was born in 2018 alongside Diez and Dior, who are the two surviving members of a set of triplets.

Calling them the “triplins”, he was one of Karen and Deon’s triplet children.

Carter Derrico was one of their earlier triplet babies, who the couple spoke about during the first season in August 2020.

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What happened to baby Carter?

Baby Carter was premature, and passed away two hours after being born.

The doctors asked Karen and Dean if they wanted to hold him, because he wasn’t able to get the breathing tube down his throat.

They now uniquely refer to the Carter, Diez and Dior as the “triplins”, to pay tribute to their son who passed, as they were triplets up until his death.

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Why did the Derricos name him Carter?

  • Carter is Karen Derrico’s maiden name

Karen always wanted a child called Carter, despite the couple choosing to name all of their kids with the letter ‘D’ at the beginning.

Naming him Carter to honour him, they did not want him to get caught up in the group of children with the ‘D’ name theme.

Due to the unique situation that they never expected to go through, Karen revealed that she wanted both him and his name to also be unique.



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