Joshua Day, aka Doughboy, has not yet appeared on Memphis Street Outlaws season five. Fans are now concerned about his absence.

The Discovery series sees JJ Da Boss and his family – including his son Doughboy – run speedy street races in Memphis.

He is the oldest of JJ’s sons, and is usually there to wave the flag or join in with the driving, when it comes to the wildest streets in the South.

We explored exactly why Doughboy is absent from season five, and whether he will be returning any time in the near future.

Where is Doughboy on Street Outlaws?

His father JJ Da Boss confirmed the injury, which is likely to be the reason why he does not appear in Street Outlaws: Memphis season five.

However, one source on Reddit claimed that they “heard he had some legal issues that kept him from doing the show”.

They added that the reason Doughboy’s wife is around is because she is co-star Precious’ sister.

He also appears to have taken a break from social media, and has not updated his Instagram page since 2019.

As he has eight children, it is also possible that Doughboy is taking time to look after them during recovery, and spend time with his family.

In the past, the cast member has struggled with wanting to drive again, after suffering a car crash – and these happen often during street racing.

Viewers react to Doughboy’s absence

It’s clear that Doughboy’s usual presence in Street Outlaws has not gone amiss from fans, who have wondered where he is for months.

An Instagram user wrote: “Where’s Doughboy??? Why is his wife on the show (not racing) and he’s not? We ALL miss seeing him.”

Another shared their concern: “Where has doughboy been??”.

Several viewers have questioned Josh Day’s whereabouts for a while, and there is a Reddit thread which continues to make guesses about him.

One Reddit user said: “The comments sections on YouTube seem to suggest he’s in jail and the back injury is a cover up. Honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

“I’ve always wondered why Mallory Gully up and disappeared from the show as well. Some say it might be related.”

Another said: “I just figured he was at home taking care of the kids.”

Is Doughboy returning to Street Outlaws?

At the time of writing, Discovery, or the man himself, has not announced whether JJ Da Boss’ son will be coming back to the series.

However, his wife – and JJ Da Boss’ daughter-in-law – Chelsea Day is racing on season four, against Stacey Barnett.

This could mean that they need a parent at home to look after their children, but the possibility of him returning is not out of the question.

His passion for race driving was clearly prevalent during his time on the show, so it would be unlikely that he has given up his hobby forever.



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