TLC’s Dr Pimple Popper has seen the popping of several cysts, blackheads, and boils. Here’s the ‘pore of winer’ treatment explored…

Calling anyone who gets that oozing satisfaction when popping spots – this is the show for you, as Dr Sandra Lee spends her time doing just that.

It’s all showcased on the TLC series. Now, fans are wondering how a pore of winer spot is treated, and what the biggest blackhead on the show is.

So, let’s explore Dr Pimple Popper’s pore of winer extraction. Keep reading to find out exactly what the type of spot is – warning, it’s graphic!

Screenshot: “The Award For The Biggest Blackhead” & A Juicy Cyst | Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit, TLC Australia YouTube

What is a pore of winer?

A dilated pore of winer is a non-cancerous tumor of a hair follicle or sweat gland in the skin.

It looks like a large blackhead, but is a different kind of skin lesion, and is trapped under the skin with dirt and debris.

And if you’re wondering how it got its name, Dr Louis H Winer first described the skin pore in 1954, which is where ‘winer’ comes from.

The skin tumor usually affects older adults, according to Heathline.

Dr Pimple Popper: Pore of winer extraction

Dr Pimple Popper, the series fronted by Dr Sandra Lee, has showcased some impressive pore of winers in its time.

She recently posted a pore of winer video on her Instagram page, which seemed to be non-stop while she squeezed it.

As it is stuffed very deep in the skin, Dr Sandra Lee squeezes until it’s empty, before popping another blackhead on another patient’s ear.

 She uses a comedone extractor tool to get rid of the skin lesion.

Dr Pimple Popper: Biggest blackhead

Dr Sandra Lee described one patient as having “the award for the biggest blackheads”, who had two large, rock-hard dilated pore of winers.

The episode aired in December 2020, with the TLC doctor adding that the patient is “going to lose a little weight” due to the spot removal!

She also said that their clothes are going to fit a little better now, while trying to extract the pore of winer – which took some time to remove.



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