Drag Race UK S4 came to a show-stopping close last night as Alan Carr and Graham Norton joined the judging panel to assist RuPaul and Michelle Visage in making the final decision in crowning Liverpool’s very own Danny Beard.

Drag Race UK returned to screens for the finale episode last night as the remaining four queens sashayed their way into the ‘Werk Room’ where they were challenged with an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza fight for the crown.

After the episode aired on BBC Three, drag fans from across the globe were quick to jump online to congratulate Danny after she smashed her way through 10 nailbiting episodes. Danny put up one hell of a fight in the final lip sync of the season as she went up against Birmingham-born drag legend Cheddar Gorgeous.

Danny Beard
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 4,24-11-2022,10,10, Danny Beard,World of Wonder,Guy Levy

“I thought there could’ve been a double crowning”

Danny Beard headed into the final lip-sync for the crown alongside Manchester drag royalty Cheddar Gorgeous. Both queens excelled throughout the competition and have acquired a huge following throughout the series. Speaking about their feelings in that final moment Danny had a huge mix of emotions.

“Every scenario you can think of times a billion has been through my head,” said Danny: “I thought there could’ve been a double crowning and in my heart of heart, it felt right. I don’t wanna sound cocky, but also using my head, I was like, it’s gotta be Cheddar. So I prepared myself for it to be Cheddar.”

“I felt like Shirley Bass’s voice was coming out of me.”

The finale lip-sync smackdown for the crown was to ‘This Is My Life’ by the incredible Shirley Bassey. Upon asking Danny about their feelings heading into that final performance alongside Cheddar, they doubted their chances of snatching the crown.

Danny said: “I’m not a lip-syncer. The first time I’ve ever lip-synced on a stage was to the Queens of the Bone Age song and it was alright, the second time I’ve ever done it was the finale. I’m a singer, it’s what I do. I had this whole new admiration for lip sync when I came off. I felt like Shirley Bass’s voice was coming out of me.”

Cheddar Gorgeous Danny Beard
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 4,24-11-2022,10,10,Cheddar Gorgeous; Danny Beard,World of Wonder,Guy Levy

“It took Cheddar a little bit of time to warm up to the competition”

Reflecting on the first day on set Danny was questioned if she believed she saw Cheddar as a threat from day one.

“I definitely saw Cheddar at the top of the competition. Yes,” said Danny: “I think it took Cheddar a little bit of time to warm up to the competition, that’s no shade. She’s my sister and I love her. Once she’s got going, there was no stopping her. She’s amazing and she’s my sister for life now”

“I need to make the money back that I spent”

Asking Danny if he would be willing to return to an All-Winners season of the Emmy Award-winning show, they seemed rather hesitant for now as they’re far too booked and busy.

“I would not be throwing my hat into the ring for a little while,” said Danny: “I need to make the money back that I spent. I’d love to eat out at some more really fancy restaurants and just be like, yeah I’ll have 10 lobster tails. Maybe in the future, I would never say never. It’s opened a whole new chapter in my career and the hard work has only just begun. Never say ever, but I’ve got my eyes set on some other things at the moment.


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