Who is Elena Katerova? Molly Mae's dog breeder comes under fire again

Love Island alum Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague have had a real rollercoaster of a week.

It started on a high as the couple celebrated Molly-Mae’s 21st birthday on Tuesday, May 26th. Tommy showered his girlfriend with gifts that few could ever dream of – Cartier watches, Louis Vuitton backpacks and so on. But it was the gift of a new family member which meant the most to the reality star. Tommy bought Molly-Mae an adorable Pomeranian puppy called Mr Chai Bear, who arrived a couple of days after her birthday.

It didn’t take long for our social media feeds to be dominated by images of the cute pup. Mr Chai Bear even had his own Instagram account with over 100,000 followers on his first day in the Fury-Hague household.

But tragedy struck when the couple announced that Mr Chai Bear had shockingly passed away on Wednesday, June 3rd.

The fact that the puppy had died five days into living with Tommy and Molly raised many questions. First about the couple’s handling of the new dog; then, questions about where they got the puppy from, as news broke that Mr Chai Bear was imported from Russia.

Elena Katerova is the woman behind Tiffany Puppies, the company that sold Tommy and Molly-Mae Mr Chai Bear. So, who is Elena? People have questions that they desperately want answered about the business and their breeding practices, and we’ve done some digging.

Who is Elena Katerova?

Elena Katerova is the owner of Tiffany Puppies and Lumivitamin. She is from Chester, UK.

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From Elena’s LinkedIn profile, we found that she studied for a degree in Business and Spanish at the University of Chester from 2004 to 2008. Elena received a 2:1 BA. She then went on to study Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Law at the University of Law Chester. Elena was there from 2009 to 2010.

Elena’s LinkedIn states that she founded Tiffany Puppies – it is called Tiffany Chihuahuas on her LinkedIn – in April 1988. This means she has been running the business for over 32 years now, so we think this is an administrative error, as Elena hardly looks over 30 years old.

She founded Lumivitamin in October 2014. While the health care brand has a Facebook page and Trustpilot reviews, we could not find any concrete website retailing the vitamins and supplements.

Elena has previously featured on an ITV programme called Super Tiny Animals back in 2011. You can read about her appearance on the show as a ‘tiny pet breeder’ here.

Tommy and Molly-Mae talk Tiffany Puppies

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Tommy and Molly-Mae took to her YouTube channel to address Mr Chai Bear’s death. They had received the autopsy report from the vet sooner than they thought they would and decided to clear up some of the accusations they had seen online.

They revealed that Molly-Mae had chosen Tiffany Puppies as their breeder, as many of her friends had used Elena’s company – notably fellow Love Island star Belle Hassan has a Tiffany Puppy.

Molly-Mae explained how Mr Chair Bear died:

Chai’s skull wasn’t formed properly, it wasn’t fully developed so part of his brain was exposed… Chai didn’t have a single white blood cell left in his body… Chai was always going to pass away with the conditions he was born with.

They also mentioned that it was not the importing of Chai from Russia that caused his death. It was the conditions he was born with.

Elena Katerova and puppy scandals

The sudden death of Mr Chai Bear is not the first puppy scandal to hit Tiffany Puppies. In fact, Elena has come under fire from the media multiple times over the past few years.

In August 2018, Elena appeared on This Morning to defend the breeding of ‘teacup dogs’. The three puppies she brought on to the show were noted to be shaking, a fact presenters Rylan Clark and Lisa Snowdon pointed out. Elena stated they were totally healthy, while the guest vet Scott Miller claimed it was dangerous to breed ‘teacup dogs’.

News also broke that Elena Katerova sold a dog with a broken leg and had to appear in court to settle the matter with the buyer.

It looks like these scandals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon for Elena, particularly now with Tommy and Molly-Mae added to their list of disgruntled customers.


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