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Esme Young's designs for DiCaprio, from The Beach to Romeo and Juliet

The Great British Sewing Bee is back and fans have been loving the creations and designs so far. This week we saw the sewers attempt to recreate some of the judge’s designs as they faced the pattern challenge. 

Steve created a Romeo and Juliet inspired toucan shirt which had judge Esme Young recalling her past and the iconic shirt she had to design for Lionardo DiCaprio for the 1996 cult classic. 

Reality Titbit has all the details on the shirt Esme had to make for the movie as well as the other Dicaprio projects she has worked on and more. Check it out. 

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Dr. Delirium and the Edgewood Experiments | Official Trailer | discovery+

Dr. Delirium and the Edgewood Experiments | Official Trailer | discovery+
Esme Young. Picture: Esme Young loves a party! But is she a rebel? You decide!

Esme was the designer of the iconic Romeo and Juliet shirt

Esme is an incredibly impressive seamstress and it shows through her career. Young was the designer responsible for creating the shirts worn in Romeo and Juliet by DiCaprio and his co-stars, John Leguizamo and Harold Perrineau. 

Esme put the answers on the show to the test to recreate similar complex patterns, most contestants felt confident but others struggled. Steve admitted that he had never made a dress before and his nerves were evident. 

However, Esme was impressed at the end and had an innocent moment of nostalgia as Steve’s toucan print shirt had her recalling her days working with DiCaprio for Romeo and Juliet.

Esme also designed DiCaprio’s shirt for The Beach

Esme has worked with countless celebrities on a lot of Hollywood movies during her career and it seems she has always worked closely with DiCaprio. 

Not only did she design his Romeo and Juliet shirt but she also designed his iconic shirts for the movie, The Beach. During an interview with Gathered Esme spoke about the classic shirt and said it was the “most challenging assignment” she has ever done, she explained:

The shape wasn’t difficult but the print was, and I had to make 10 shirts with identical prints for continuity. So each shirt – particularly the collar and the top half – all had to look the same.

Esme Young, The Beach

Esmee’s incredible sewing career

Esme has been sewing ever since was in school, where she made her first skirt at age seven. School is where she also discovered her love for creating clothes and her passion for fashion.

The star attended St Marts College of Arts to study fashion and here her dreams of making her own clothes grew, so much to the point that almost immediately after she graduated, she and her best friend, Willie Walters, opened their own store called Swanky Modes.

During her, over 50 years of experience, she has done some incredible things with her career and has dressed hundreds of celebrities including designing the bunny outfit for the first-ever Bridget Jones movie.



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