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Every contestant to be voted off Survivor 42 so far including latest episode spoilers

Survivor is one of America’s most popular survival programmes ever and that speaks for itself as 2022 marks its 42nd season. The show is loved because it combines surviving in the wilderness whilst also surviving socially and strategically.

Season 42 has been amazing so far with lots of twists, instead of the standard 39-day challenge, the contestants only have 26 days this time round to make it to the end and claim the million-dollar prize.

Each week one person gets voted off in the tribunal and Reality Titbit has all the details on who has been voted off so far, keep reading to find out.

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Trixie Motel | Official Trailer | discovery+

Trixie Motel | Official Trailer | discovery+
Survivor. Picture: Survivor Season 42: 11th Vote Off

No. 1 Jackson Fox

The 48-year-old was the first player to be eliminated from the challenge but it wasn’t through the tribunal.

Fox had to leave for medical reasons and as the first-ever transgender contestant on the show, it was very emotional and sad for a lot of the contestants as well as fans.

No. 2 Zach Wartenberger

Zach was part of the Ika team and was the second to leave the show. The 22-year-old was sadly the weakest link in the team and was the first official player to be voted off.

No. 3 Marya Sherron

The 47-year-old was part of the Taka tribe and was well-liked by her team but unfortunately, her connection with the team just wasn’t as strong as the other players.

Her departure was very emotional as before she left we heard about how her brother was the first nurse to die during the covid pandemic in London and she went on to mention how she joined the Survivor for him.

No. 4 Jenny Kim

Jenny was one of the front runners for a while. The 43-year-old was great at solving puzzles and also made a strong connection with Mike.

It was a very close vote with a 2-2 vote between Jenny and Hai but Daniel ultimately decided he wanted to work with Hai and got rid of Jenny.

No. 5 Swati Goel

Swati was the youngest player in the Survivor at just 19 years old, and she did amazing. However, things quickly changed when her teammates Romeo and Drea clocked that she was telling everyone that they were her “number one.”

They thought it was sketchy and decided to vote her out as they thought she was trying to sneak her way into the final three.

No. 6 Daniel Strunk

The 30-year-old was very good on the show and used good strategies to get through that continuously making him a winner. However the disastrous tribunal in episode three, the Vati tribe felt that they couldn’t trust him.

With the important merge approaching, the team decided to let him go.

No. 7 Lydia Meredith

This was the final pre-merge vote and it was very intense. There were only a few people eligible for the elimination. Omar tried very hard to keep Jonathan and Maryanne’s names out of the mix which left Lydia as the only other option.

No. 8 Chanella Howell

Chanella knew she was in trouble before the tribunal as she was at the bottom of the newly merged tribe. Howell tried to stay chilled as part of her strategy but it didn’t work.

Mike’s social power made it easy for him to convince most of the players to vote her off.

No. 9 Rocksroy Bailey

Rocksroy shot himself in the foot, he wanted a “no girls allowed” boys team but he struggled to get Hal and Omar onboard. Hal didn’t like the vibe and said it was “misogynistic”.

Hal ended up winning immunity and decided that Rocksroy was the next to leave.

No. 10 Tori Meehan

It all came down to Drea and Maryanne in this tribunal and after a heartwarming moment, Maryanne simply couldn’t eliminate Drea therefore Tori had to go.

No. 11 Hai

Hai was the latest contestant during the May 5 episode to be voted off with almost all of the votes given to them.

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