Ibiza Weekender 2019 introduced us to a selection of new reps, with Nicola Jane proving the latest instalment to the ITV2 holiday-rep crew.

While stalwarts such as Jordan Davies and David ‘El Jefe’ Potts are always deserving of their place on the show, others have been less impressed by the new characters.

Series 5 star Chyna Ellis may have come across as mind-numbingly dull but now we actually kind of miss her hilariously unenthusiastic ways. So, where is Chyna Ellis now?

Screen Shot: ITV2: Ibiza Weekender - Chyna

Screen Shot: ITV2: Ibiza Weekender – Chyna

Why Isn’t Chyna on Ibiza Weekender Right Now?

Chyna exclusively told Reality Titbit that she chose not to appear in the Ibiza Weekender spin-off, Weekender: Boat Party, last year.

She said:

I decided not to go on it, but I do genuinely get seasick. I’ve got a few things that I’m working on at the moment and I recently brought out my own swimwear brand, so I’ve been really busy.

In regards to Ibiza Weekender 2019, it looks like Chyn-Chyn simply didn’t get the selection call.

Chyna and Jordan quit the ITV show in 2018, running off into the sun together.

However, the pair broke up a few months later following a heated Instagram argument where Jord was pictured enjoying cosy drinks with another woman.

What is Chyna Ellis Doing Now?

Chyna told Reality Tibit that she doesn’t have any plans for future reality TV shows and is currently focusing her attention on modelling.

She launched her own bikini line in 2018 called Bali Babe. You can check out the fashion line in full here.

Chyna is also modelling and continuing to build her profile as a social media influencer with close to 300,000 followers.

You can follow her on Instagram under @chynaellis_ and also follow on Twitter under the same handle.

Screenshot: https://www.balibabe.co.uk/category/swimwear



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