Brand new Viceland series, Hustle, launches on Sunday, February 10th.

The network was founded in 2016 by its parent company Vice Media, focusing on documentary and reality series relating to youth lifestyles.

Viceland is now partnering with Cadillac on a new docu-series called Hustle. Here is everything you need to know about the show

What is The Hustle About?

For eight episodes, the host, John Henry, will meet a different entrepreneur based in New York.

John will work with each entrepreneur to identify their core business problem and why they aren’t expanding.

He will tell each business owner what to do, setting them up with opportunities that could put their business on the map.

Who is Hustle’s Host, John Henry?

The host of Hustle is an entrepreneur himself.

While attending school, John worked as a full-time doorman. It was here where one of the residents offered him his first business opportunity.

The resident had 15 dry cleaning stores. He told John that he’d clean any clothes if he would bring it in at a wholesale price, and John would charge market price.

Eventually, someone overheard what he was doing, and he started dry cleaning for movie sets.

Eventually, a private company offered to pay a million dollars for the company in December 2014. At just 21 years old, John sold his first million dollar company!

He now co-owns and co-founded his newest company, Harlem Capital.

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Who is Behind Viceland the Hustle?

Fifteen-time Grammy winner, musician, singer, and activist Alicia Keys is an executive producer of Hustle.

She said to the A+E Network:

New York City is the greatest city in the world! It’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…as a fellow New Yorker and businesswoman I love how Hustle shows the insane amount of hard work, sacrifice and pure faith it takes to make a small dream turn into a big reality.

Philanthropist, award-winning chef, and TV personality Chef Marcus Samuelsson is also an executive producer.

He also commented on the A+E Network:



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