OWN Network’s shows Family or Fiance has returned for season 2. The show aired the first episode of season 2 on Saturday, July 17 and has fans talking about it ever since.

Episode 1 of the show titled Shae and Will: Drama With the In-Laws had many fans hooked as the couple navigated their relationship through family troubles.

However, Family and Fiance’s host Tracy McMillan also raised the curiosity of many fans.

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Who is the Family or Fiance host?

Tracy (57) is an American author and TV writer. She is also a self-proclaimed relationship expert and after watching Family and Fiance many fans would agree with the title the OWN network host has given herself.

Tracy rose to fame in 2011 thanks to her viral blog post titled Why You’re Not Married. The blog post remained the most-viewed article on HuffPost for two years.

The blog’s popularity inspired the reality TV host to write a book, with pretty much the same title Why You’re Not Married… Yet. Her television screenwriting credits include gigs on shows like Mad Men, Life on Mars, The United States of Tara, Necessary Roughness and Chase.

For her work on Mad Men she won the 2010 Writers Guild of America Awards for Dramatic Series.

The author has 93k followers on Instagram and regularly posts relationship tips and videos discussing complex topics such as intimacy. However, despite her vast body of work, many people admire the TV host and writer due to her personal struggles and her resilient mindset.

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Has Tracy McMillan been married?

Tracy’s Ted Talk from 2014 is wildly popular and has garnered over 16 million views. She revealed in her talk that she has been married three times.

The first time she got married at 19 to an older man. She married again after her divorce and had a child with a wealthy man who ended up cheating on her. A few years later she married husband number three and things didn’t work out this time either.

Very few Family or Fiance viewers might know about Tracy’s difficult past. At age 3, she saw her father go to jail. Her mother was a prostitute, who couldn’t take care of her alone and she was put up in a foster care system. She ended up being adopted by the family of a Lutheran minister in the Midwest.

A look inside the show’s season 2

The show is not an easy ride for the couple’s featured on the show. Episode 1 featured the battles of Family or Fiance cast members Shae and Will who were tasked with spending three days under the same roof together with their disapproving families.

We witnessed the couple’s difficult relationship with their future in-laws. The show’s second episode will release on Saturday, July 24 and is titled Kim and David: Stepfather, Interrupted.

Family and Fiance season 2 episodes will release every Saturday at 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT)

Official Trailer: Season Two of “Family of Fiancé” | OWN

Official Trailer: Season Two of “Family of Fiancé” | OWN
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