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Fans don't believe Gogglebox Sophie's boyfriend is 6 foot

Gogglebox fan favourite, Sophie Sandiford – one part of the iconic brother and sister duo Pete and Sophie – revealed last month that she has a boyfriend, we hardly ever get to see him on her socials so fans were over the moon when she finally shared a picture of them together.

During last week’s episode of the Channel 4 classic, Pete discussed what it was like meeting her boyfriend Ben McKeown for the first time and they had a hilarious conversation about his height coming in at 6 foot – which fans are struggling to believe, as well as Pete.

Reality Titbit has all the details on Pete’s first encounter with his sister’s new man as well as their first couples snap together.

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Selling The OC | Official Teaser | Netflix

Selling The OC | Official Teaser | Netflix
Sophie Sandiford. Picture: Pete & Sophie’s Funniest Moments | Gogglebox

Pete thinks Ben “doesn’t look six-foot”

Last week, Ben was mentioned on the show with Sophie discussing the first time her brother ever met him and its quite funny, Sophie said:

You, first time meeting him ‘oh, I thought you’d be taller,’ as you looked up at him. And then saying ‘I thought you were at least 6ft’ when he is 6ft.

Pete then screwed up his nose and replied, “He doesn’t look 6ft. Lies, already built on lies.”

Sophie quickly shut him down with a hilarious response saying, “Just because he makes you look like one of the Borrowers.”

Sophie posted a picture of them on Instagram

Sophie decided to show off her new man to the world with a funny couples picture this week when they were on a date at the museum. Sophie wrote in the caption, “We got told to pull a scared face…. Not all of us got the memo.”

The picture showed Ben holding a sign saying “being well hung” and a smile on his face, with Sophie grimacing with a sign reading, “poising wells.”

We are hoping we may get to hear and see more of Ben in the future upcoming episodes and on Sophie’s Instagram, but even if not, we couldn’t be happier for her.

More about Ben

Been is already very close with Sophie’s family it appears and despite the slightly blunt banter, Pete already seems close with him after they were spotted spending time together and posing for photos at their friend’s wedding.

Ben is originally from Northern Ireland and moved to Scotland to study at a university in Glasgow. The brother and sister duo have been on Gogglebox since 2018 and have made a huge impact on audiences with their unique sibling bond and hilarious one-liners.



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