Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, the unexpected breakout hit show on W, returned for a second series this summer. The second season began on Monday, August 5th and proved to be as tearjerking as the first.

The first two seasons of Emma Willis: Delivering Babies has seen popular TV presenter Emma go on a journey to become a Maternity Care Assistant (MCA). Throughout her training, she has been at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex.

Along the way, viewers have got to know and love the staff at Princess Alexandra, as well as the expanding families who also feature on the show.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that W will renew the show for another year. And if they do, here’s what we hope to see!

Emma Willis attends a photocall to launch the new series of “The Voice Kids” at The RSA on June 06, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Emma’s journey so far

Season 1 saw Emma Willis begin her training to become a Maternity Care Assistant (MCA), working ten-hour shifts on the maternity wards, taking blood pressure and being a helping hand when needs be. She did this for three months as a trainee.

But season 2 saw Emma put everything she learnt as a trainee in season 1 to the test.

In season 2, we followed Emma as she returned to Princess Alexandra Hospital’s maternity ward, this time as a fully qualified MCA.

The stakes were high, tensions higher and emotions, as ever, through the roof.

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Catching up with Naghmeh

Although everyone loves Emma, it is midwife Naghmeh who is the breakout star from the show.

Fans and patients of Naghmeh’s all poured out their support for the midwife and have become obsessed with everything about her from her humour and positivity to her odd hairstyle.


So it’s no surprise that fans would want to know what happens next for Naghmeh and the NHS team at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Here’s hoping a third season would follow up on their progress and see Emma reunited with the other midwives, who she now considers friends.

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Will there be a season 3?


It’s quite usual that while a show is on air, the channel does not let up any information about the show’s renewal or next season. So it’s not strange that we haven’t heard anything about Emma Willis: Delivering Babies season 3 yet.

However, there is also a chance they won’t renew the season considering that Emma is fully qualified now and has a recognised care certificate. It means she can work in any hospital, so her training is now over.

A third season would have to follow Emma as she applied her training in a different way, meaning it would take on a slightly different format to the first two.

But considering how popular the show has been, W would be silly to not return it to our screens next year!

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We will update this page with any new information about Emma Willis: Delivering Babies season 3 as it is released.




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