It’s a sight we rarely see. Joseline Hernandez is normally topped to the nines in make-up and glamorous outfits, as the host of her own reality TV show Joseline’s Cabaret…

As she works to create a dazzling Las Vegas show with strippers and s*x workers, Joseline is back with the third season of the on-stage entertainment series where she coaches performers.

Of course, most people being filmed tend to be assisted by hair and make-up stylists. But in Joseline’s case, many fans are eager to find out what she looks like stripped back – bare-faced and with non-styled hair.

Zeus Network Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

Joseline Hernandez without makeup

She is often seen in a face full of make-up, which is the case for many stars in the public eye. Dressing up in full glam, with her hair and beauty all done, is the norm for a reality TV star like Joseline.

However, there are a few small moments when she will show off her natural beauty, such as on TikTok and Instagram. In some pictures, she has a lot less make-up on than when she’s busy filming for The Zeus Network.

There’s no denying that Joseline likes transforming herself with the art of make-up, but that’s not to say that she has many natural days, too. One fan told her that they “love the natural you” on a recent IG post.

In the below video posted in December 2021, Joseline has zero makeup on. Then shortly after posting that to her page, she was not shy to reveal a picture of her doing a yoga pose au-naturel.

Fans react to Joseline with no glam

Some fans said they didn’t even recognise Joseline when she uploaded a bare-faced photo, in a hair net with zero make-up on. However, many agreed she looked “so good” without the extra glam.

One follower simply told Joseline: “You look so good without hair and makeup on.” While another responded: “I was thinking that also. She’s pretty without all the extra.”

Omg her skin without make up is so clear“, a shocked Joseline’s Cabaret viewer commented.

A few fans even took to revealing they think she looks better without any makeup on. “She actually looks better with a clean face“, a follower wrote under the bare-faced picture.

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline showing her natural hair

Joseline tends to mix her hair looks up very often, going from blonde wigs to pink, and then dark curls all in the space of one week. However, it looks like her real barnet are short, auburn-coloured curls.

There are also some snaps of her with short, black hair which appears to be just as natural. It’s likely that the photos of her with much shorter, darker locks were taken earlier than her recent music video from November 2021.

Her natural hair colour appears to be black, so the below shorter, cropped look is likely to be dyed.



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