Zendaya is back on our screens AGAIN, not long after her Superman: No Way Home appearance. But her Euphoria character has left fans seriously confused, because her on-screen sister looks like the spitting image of the star.

Whether it’s in the cinema or on the latest series, the movie actor is often the talk of the town. And now that the new season of HBO show Euphoria is out, the character of Rue Bennett has viewers making speculations.

The gossip involves questions about whether Storm Reid is actually Zendaya’s real-life twin…

Euphoria | Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer | HBO

Euphoria | Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer | HBO

Zendaya’s resemblance to on-screen sister

Zendaya has been matched to on-screen Euphoria star Storm Reid, who looks eerily similar to her. They play sisters in the HBO series together, and were clearly casted for their resemblance to one another.

Playing the role of Gia Bennett, some actually thought that Zendaya’s sweet, younger sister was her actual sibling in real life. But the truth is, they are just very good friends who act together.

The questions surrounding Storm and Zendaya have left fans wondering whether she really does have a twin sister, or if she has any siblings at all. We found out all about her big family, who she is incredibly close to.

Does Zendaya actually have a twin?

No, Zendaya is not a twin or part of triplets, despite several rumors that say she could be. Several fans have commented on the above picture of her with Storm Reid, after being convinced that they may be related.

One wrote: “Wait zen is her sister ? I knew she looked like someone.”

Another said: “Looking like yall shared a womb!“. And these were just two of thousands of comments which remarked on just how similar Zendaya and Storm look.

If you believe in the spiritual side of the universe, perhaps they could be sisters from a past life. After all, some say that there is always someone in the world that looks just like you. But really, no… they are not related in any way.

Who are Zendaya’s siblings?

Zendaya has five older siblings, including two brothers and three sisters. Julien and Austin are her bros, while her sisters are called Kaylee, Katianna and Annabella.

They all come from her father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman‘s previous marriage before meeting her mom Claire Stoermer. The oldest of her siblings is Austin, who is also thought to be an actor.

One of her sisters has two daughters, who Zendaya has picked up from school in the past, as reported by Vogue.

And some of her siblings are happy to step into the limelight with her, as Kaylee has made some appearances on the red carpet alongside her A-list sister in the past!



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