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Fans "warn" Ryan about Alyssa as MAFS preview has audiences speculating

Alyssa Ellman is probably the most infamous Married At First Sight cast member of the latest season and after ending things with her partner Chris Collete, some fans think she’s got her eye on MAFS season 13 alum, Ryan Ignasiak.

Alyssa revealed that she is moving to Texas to find herself a “cowboy” and some fans have tried to “warn” Ryan that she may be heading his way.

Ryan must have seen these comments as he has revealed that he, in fact, already knows Alyssa! Keep reading to find out what he said about her.

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Rhythm + Flow: France | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rhythm + Flow: France | Official Trailer | Netflix
Alyssa Ellman. Picture: Alyssa’s Take On the Honeymoon DISASTER – Married at First Sight: Afterparty (S1, E4) | Lifetime

Ryan had nice things to say about Alyssa

MAFS’s Instagram page recently posted a picture of some of the couples, including Chris and Alyssa. Now that the star is no longer married, one commenter tagged Ryan in the post to warn him and other fellow Texans to avoid Alyssa now that she is single and moving state.

Ryan responded to the comment and revealed that he actually knows Alyssa, writing, “I know her outside of the show, she’s not so bad, I promise.”

However, despite saying something nice, the commenter clearly wasn’t convinced as he responded by saying:

She’s not a good person. Sorry, she didn’t get a bad edit as she claims. Don’t let her near your dog, she’s allergic


Many fans jumped to warn Ryan

This comment wasn’t the only warning that Ryan received. Another fan of the show commented, “Look out Houston! Alyssa is on her way.”

Ryan’s response made it appear like he knows Alyssa on a deeper level as he seemed to know where abouts in Texas she was moving. He replied saying:

Texas is quite large…I think she’s moving to Austin. Equivalent to NYC to Boston.

Ryan, Instagram

Ryan discusses whether he would date Alyssa

On one of Ryan’s own Instagram posts a viewer asked him directly if he would date Alyssa to which he laughed the question off, writing:

I actually just laughed…I forgot that I several times said, verbatim, that I was wanting a good person.

Ryan, Instagram

Who knows what will happen though. Some fans seem to be convinced that the pair may end up dating and forming a deeper connection down the line, but who knows!



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