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Fans wonder if Shorty is still on Fixer Upper and what happened to him

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez has always been a firm favorite on Fixer Upper, but with no sign of him on recent episodes, fans wonder if Chip Gaines continues to work with him behind the scenes.

When it was announced that Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will be appearing on screens each Wednesday night, the handyman’s return was much-welcomed by many. He is known as Chip’s long-time friend and co-worker,

Although the original series of the renovation show ended back in 2018, Magnolia brought back the spin-off in 2022. It sees married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines turn outdated spaces into incredible places to live.

But there is one person who tends to help along the way: Shorty. So what happened to him?

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Swap Shop | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Swap Shop | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Fans miss Shorty on Fixer Upper

Along with the OG Fixer Upper which closed its doors in 2018, Shorty left the show at the same time. So when the show returned to screens for its Welcome Home spin-off, he didn’t come back alongside Chip and Joanna.

This was a huge disappointment for fans who hoped to see his work again. A viewer said: “Y’all have an enormous construction crew now! Missing the days of Chip, Shorty, & a few other guys with local artisans pitching in. #FixerUpper.”

Another simply asked: “Watching the new Fixer Upper Welcome Home. Love it! I have one question? Where is Shorty?

@magnolia I’m looking at some old Fixer Upper shows. I haven’t seen “Shorty”. #wheresshorty??”, said a fan.

Get to know Saul “Shorty” Sanchez

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez is best known for being Chip’s handyman on Fixer Upper. He first met then-26-year-old Chip Gaines aged 16, with Chip going on to describe him as “always the right man for the job”.

He got his nickname when Chip started calling him “Shorty”, which was never something his friends back home called him. Nationally, he is now barely recognised for his actual birth name and instead for “Shorty”!

Chip explained in his book The Magnolia Story that they were friends and working together long before Fixer Upper hit TV screens. Having become friends along the way, Shorty is now a popular OG former cast member.

He is also a father to a young daughter, who he spends most of his non-working hours with.

Where the handyman is in 2022

Shorty now has his own business, and only appears in one episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. So, don’t worry, he is all good and remains friends with Chip Gaines, no doubt helping out with jobs occasionally.

The on-screen duo reunited so that Shorty could help out with some heavy lifting, which left some viewers thinking he had returned permanently. However, it was just a quick helping hand he was offering.

He now runs Shorty’s Remodeling in Texas, which is why he does not have time to work full-time on the show. He offers various remodelling work, such as turning a small space into an open concept.

His services include most transformational home work, including: kitchen, bathroom, home accessibility modification, paint, floors, tile, window install, concrete, countertop, shiplap, fencing, and more.



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