Love Island is always good at throwing a curve-ball or two into the show and that’s exactly what went down as it was announced the girls in the villa would be moving to Casa Amor during the fourth week.

Casa Amor broke some couples’ relationships for good, while others came out the other side even stronger.

Molly Mae and Tommy managed to stay on the straight and narrow as almost everyone else’s heads were turned. But aside from all of the recoupling and arguing, there’s someone else on the show who deserves to win. That £50,000 prize goes to Molly and Tommy’s inanimate child, Ellie Bellie, in our eyes.

Here are five reasons Ellie Bellie wins Love Island 2019!
Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 Molly Mae and Ellie Bellie – ITV

Ellie Bellie wasn’t supposed to be on Love Island

When Molly Mae Hague bedded down for her first night in the Love Island villa, viewers spotted a little something sharing a bed with her.

The first night she ever spent on national TV, Ellie Bellie was branded as ‘contraband’ and many thought that she’d be removed from the show.

However, this kind of contraband seems to be allowed. And the fact that she crept her way into the villa, well that just makes us love her even more.
Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 Molly – ITV
Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 Molly – ITV

Ellie Bellie is a hit on Twitter

Twitter users finally have something nice to Tweet about in relation to the 2019 show now that Ellie Bellie’s around.

Viewers of Love Island were almost in tears as Tommy Fury labelled him, Molly and Ellie Bellie ‘The Fury Family’ in episode 26. Some took to Twitter to call it “the most adorable thing ever”.

Another wrote: “May as well end the show right here. Molly, Tommy and Ellie Bellie have just won.”

Love Island: Ellie Bellie steers clear of the drama

The addition of the cute little elephant teddy brings something fresh to the villa and detracts away from all the negative goings-on.

While Molly Mae was away at Casa Amor Ellie Bellie kept Tommy’s spirits high.

Plus any fans of Tommy Fury would probably prefer to see him holding and looking after a human child, or a puppy at that, but we guess we can settle for a teddy.
Screen Shot: Love Island series 5 episode 26 – ITV

Ellie Bellie’s got Molly Mae’s back

Molly Mae knew what she was doing when she went to Casa Amor without Ellie Bellie.

For all we know, she might not have been allowed to take the teddy with her.

But by leaving Ellie Bellie in the bedroom while away at Casa Amor she would have left Tommy a cute reminder of herself while also warding off any new girls planning on sharing a bed with him.

Ellie Bellie held the fort while Molly Mae was gone and that’s another reason why we love her.
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep26 on ITV2
Pictured: Molly-Mae and Tommy.

Tommy, Molly and Ellie Bellie are a family

As if Tommy and Molly Mae weren’t enough with their strikingly good looks, they now actually look to have a genuine relationship meaning that they could go on to be the 2019 Love Island winners.

Seeing Tommy and Molly Mae’s relationship develop has warmed the heart of the nation and then to top it all off, Ellie Bellie’s thrown in.

During the recoupling on Tuesday night (July 2nd) Tommy waited nervously – with Ellie Bellie in hand – for Molly Mae to come around the corner.

Molly Mae broke down in tears and said that she thought Tommy had coupled up with someone else as Ellie Bellie wasn’t on her bed! But it turned out Ellie Bellie was waiting for her at the recoupling, too.

Talk about emotional, guys!
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep26 on ITV2
Pictured: A nervous Tommy.



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