Five things you didn't know about Jonitta Wallace - model, basketball prodigy and more!

Five things you didn't know about Jonitta Wallace - model, basketball prodigy and more!

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club has been airing since early January 2019, and you either love Jonitta Wallace or pretty much hate her.

She’s tall, athletic, beautiful, and not afraid to speak her mind.

But whether you love her or loathe her, here are five things you didn’t know about Jonitta Wallace.

Screen Shot: Jonitta Wallace – MTV, Lindsay Lohan S1E4

Jonitta Wallace – Aka Little Miss Basketball

Jonitta admitted on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club that she used to be a basketball star.

It’s too bad that she tore her ACL during a game a few years back.

Would she still be playing until this day?

Jonitta Wallace – Uni Queen

Jonitta attended Shaw University, a private liberal arts school in North Carolina.

During the ‘Welcome to the Beach Club’ special, Jonitta admitted that she went to college to play basketball.

Oh, what could have been…

Jonitta Wallace – All Over the States

This gorgeous babe is currently living in LA. However, this isn’t where she is originally from.

Jonitta’s hometown is Syracuse, New York. Which is considered upstate New York.

For the years that she attended university, Jonitta lived in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jonitta Wallace – Badass Model

She might not have a modelling contract but she has worked in the business as a freelancer.

Get this girl on America’s Next Top Model.

Jonitta Wallace – Instagram Deets

Of course, Jonitta has Instagram. However, there is a slight difference between her and most regular reality TV stars.

Jonitta’s Instagram has over 49,000 followers and she only has 69 posts – but that’s not what is so odd.

What’s odd is that her Instagram is set to private.

Still, you can request to follow Jonitta on Instagram at @lustisntlove.

Screen Shot: Jonitta’s Private Instagram Page – Instagram



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