Five ways to watch Project Runway season 17 episode 1 online - Hulu, FuboTv, Bravo and more

There’s a whole new makeover going on at Project Runway with season 17 welcoming a completely new hosting and judging team.

Karlie Kloss is the new host, Christian Siriano is the new mentor, and we have three new judges alongside the 16  contestants.

Here’s everything you need to know about tuning in to Project Runway season 17 episode 1, which launches on March 14th.

How to watch Project Runway season 17 episode 1 – Bravo

Take a look at your TV provider to find out what channel Bravo airs on because you won’t want to miss the first episode of season 17.

In case you will be missing the first episode then head over to as it will air on the website the very next morning.

Downloading the Bravo TV app from any iOS or Andriod device will also allow you to watch the first episode the very next day after it airs on TV.

Screen Shot: Project Runway – Bravo TV

Watch Project Runway season 17 episode 1 – Hulu (Hulu + Live)

If a cable provider isn’t an option, then Hulu is the second best choice.

Hulu does offer Project Runway as all the past seasons are currently on the popular streaming platform.

Head over to, and it will give you multiple options on how to watch Project Runway episode 1.

There is the option to stream the first episode and any others in the future the very next day. After a one month trial, it’ll either cost you $5.99 a month for Hulu with commercials or $11.99 for no commercials.

However, if you are as obsessed as we are and want to watch the show live then for $44.99 Hulu offers Hulu + Live which gives you all of the perks of streaming everything offered on Hulu and live TV for select networks – it includes Bravo TV.

Screen Shot: Project Runway – Hulu

How to watch Project Runway season 17 episode 1 – Sling

Sling is a much cheaper option than Hulu. It does offer live TV, and you can always go back to watch the first episode of Project Runway as much as you’d like.

Sling offers three payment options just as Hulu did. Only two of the three possibilities offer Bravo to watch. After a one-week trial Sling has a Blue or Orange package option for $15 or the Orange & Blue combination option for $25.

Sling Blue offers Bravo and 45 other channels while the Orange & Blue option provides a combination of both packets. However, it’s up to you on whether or not you want more channel options or not.

Head on over to to find out what viewing package is right for you.

Screen Shot: Project Runway – Sling

Watch Project Runway season 17 episode 1 – FuboTV

Fubo is a little bit more expensive than the last three options. While it does offer Bravo, you can’t watch on more than one device at the same time depending on your choice of package.

The Fubo pack offers 89 channels that does include Bravo for $44.99 after the initial first-week trial. However, you’ll have to call dibs to catch the first episode of Project Runway before anyone else touches the streaming platform.

The second pack, ‘Fubo Bundle’ offers the same 89 channels, ability to watch on three different devices at the same time, plus Showtime discounted for two months for $39.99 – this option does not offer a trial.

The last pack, ‘Fubo Extra’ offers an extra 20 channels on top of the first bundle and a one week trial. However, again, you’ll have to claim the streaming rights before anyone else to catch Project Runway.

This platform is better used if you know you’ll be watching Project Runway live a lot. Head over to to see if these options are the best options for you!

Screen Shot: Bravo – FuboTV

How to watch Project Runway season 17 episode 1 – as you go

If all you want to do is watch Project Runway and absolutely nothing else – and we feel that – then there are pay as you go options.

As per the last season, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu all offer Project Runway with either a pay per episode or per season option.

For High Definition (HD) episodes on all platforms, it’ll cost $2.99 and so for Standard Definition (SD), all platforms offer the episodes for $1.99.

To stay current on Project Runway starting from episode 1 then we recommend paying for each episode. If that’s too expensive, then you can always wait for the season to drop entirely.

For HD each season it is set at $24.99, and for SD it’s $19.99.

Screen Shot: Project Runway – Amazon



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